The Block Landscaping Week continues

Tom starts the day by painting his fence in his undies, why not?  Tom is nervous about going home as he has gotten used to life on The Block. He loves it.

House No.1 and No.2 are progressing well with their landscaping while House No.3, No.4 and No.5 are struggling.

House No.4 Dylan and Jenny’s house has the deck from hell to build – it’s the longest in Block history. Dylan and Jenny are also struggling with the landscaping at the front of their house.

Ankur and Sharon’s builder Liam has overcharged them on one of his invoices, and Keith wants him to bring it up with him. Ankur is a softie however, while Sharon is more direct. Sharon feels the builders are not invested at all and are not putting in extra effort.

It’s a disaster for Omar and Oz with their pool. It doesn’t fit on the base, and it must be airlifted back to the truck until they find a solution. They hustle their way out of it and find a remedy.

Rachel has an argument with Ryan on camera after he made a decision on the build of their deck without consulting her.  There are fireworks on another cold night in Gisborne.


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