The Killing Returns to One

The Killing Returns to One

Fans of The Killing be prepared for your final dose of  the murder mystery.

The show’s fourth and final season consists of just 6 episodes made by Netflix. These were released in August 2014.

Blood in The Water.

Sarah’s shooting of Skinner and the subsequent cover-up takes its toll on her and Holder. Sarah struggles with the moral implications of what she has done but Holder reminds her that there is no other course of action unless she wants to go to prison for the rest of her life.

Sarah and Holder are assigned a new case, the brutal murder of a wealthy family with ties to a military academy. All evidence points to the 17-year-old son as the shooter, but the Superintendent of the Academy is convinced that he is innocent. The case becomes more convoluted when a second weapon is found, indicating another shooter was involved.

10:30pm Tuesday September 1 on One