The Joker causes havoic on Survivor

The Joker causes havoic on Survivor

 In a major moment for the biggest gameplayer in Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, They made a swift exit.

The previous night, in the wake of Jordan’s elimination, to say Josh was fuming to learn that his cousin has been sent to the Jury would be putting it lightly. David had flipped on their alliance, and Josh was coming for blood, as he warned there’s going to be consequences. 

Waking up on Day 40, Joker Jordie had tunnel vision for Sam. The misfits had a fire in their belly, and they were coming for Sam and her stolen idol. Chrissy was even beginning to doubt her alliance, as she pitched to Josh that it might be time to finally take out Sam. 

Today’s critical Immunity Challenge required precision, a challenge fit for an ex-SAS specialist. Jordie and Mark went neck-and-neck, but Mark won yet again, securing a spiffy necklace to pair with his two idols. 

Back at camp, it became evident that Josh held the swing vote. If he flipped on his alliance, he could remove Sam, or he could stick to the plan of removing The Joker. 

It was a banquet of whispered conversations and panic at Tribal Council, as the strat-chat continued right up until the votes were cast, with each alliance trying to sway Dave and Josh to vote with them.

Josh and David surprised everyone, as they joined forces with the misfits to send Sam to the Jury. To quote Jury member Jesse, it was “flipping epic”.

Sam explained: “When you roll the dice, sometimes it’s gonna’ go in your favour, and other times it’s just not. The goal for Mark and I was to have one person in that final three. Does it sting a little bit? Of course. But the heat has been on me for two weeks and there’s another side of me that’s happy to wash it off and not be public enemy number one for a little bit.”


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