The Inside of The Block is Complete

The Inside of The Block is Complete

It’s 36 hours to the upstairs bathroom and redo rooms and some of the Blockheads are doing better than others.

Kristy and Brett have a disaster on their  hands with their redo bathroom. All they had to do was to tile over the arch, but instead Brett removed the back wall which in turn compromised the waterproofing.

According to Foreman Dan, it was a $30,000 mistake.  Rather than trying to finish the room, Kristy and Brett basically give up and present a mess to the judges.  Kristy and Brett are down in the dumps, but Scott definitely thinks they could have tried harder to fix the redo room.

Our Blockheads head to a local soccer oval for a challenge for the Commonwealth Bank and win some much needed cash.

On Saturday morning Scott arrives to call “tool’s down” and all our Blockheads present finished rooms, except Kristy and Brett.

House No.1 Kyle and Leslie spent $23,898

Neale is back judging which is a sigh of relief for the contestants. The judges loved Kyle and Leslie’s new living room and how open it now was after a wall was removed. Upstairs with their bathroom though they didn’t love it, especially the placement of the toilets. Once again Kyle and Leslie were hammered for their spatial planning and they aren’t happy about it.

Score 23.5/30

House No.2 Leah and Ash spent $26,118

The judges immediately loved the changes to the downstairs work from home space, which has been converted to an extra bedroom. Neale felt it compliments Leah’s bold styling choices in the living room. Very positive comments upstairs with their bathroom, one of Leah and Ash’s strongest efforts yet.

Score 27/30

House No.3 Kristy and Brett spent $28,603

Huge disappointment from Darren initially at the fact Kristy and Brett have not presented their redo room. As they pointed out, all they needed to do was to cover the arch with tiles and that would have been perfect. Their upstairs bathroom also wasn’t finished at all. Kristy says it was out of their control, but Scott bites back and points out that actually, everything was in their control.

Score 18.5/30

House No.4 Steph and Gian spent $28,603

Amazing effort from Steph and Gian to convert their redo bathroom to an incredible, luxurious room according to the judges. It’s no longer a quarantine facility. Shaynna did have a concern about the lack of face level storage. Their jack and jill bathroom was a hit with all three judges.

Score 26/30

House No.5 Eliza and Liberty spent $28,664

The Victorian sisters really transformed their studio, it was now fitting for a luxury home in Hampton East. However for Darren they still got the layout wrong, the couch should have faced the pool and garden. The kids/teenagers bathroom was a huge hit for Darren and Shaynna, but Neale thought the styling was juvenile and tokenistic. But overall a great effort.



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