The Ice Ice Baby Trial Pushes Celebrities To Their Limit.

It was a big episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! so lets debrief

To say Pettifleur was feeling apprehensive about today’s diabolical Ice Ice Baby trial is putting it lightly. She was “actually speechless” but found the       words to share that she does not even suffer the cold shower at camp. Our Pettifleur goes au naturale!

Pettifleur, Grant, Travis and Jack were required to swim down to the bottom of a chamber of ice water to reach the pump that siphons water from the tank into a cylinder. Miraculously, the four cheered each other on to secure a collective seven stars, and bonus ice burns as a memento of a day they would rather forget.


Later that day at camp, it was deep and meaningful hour. Paulini praised Jack’s hardened attitude, Pettifleur opened up to Jess about her relationship status and her inability to love, Grant and Toni confided in each other about being pushed to the brink by the media and paparazzi, and Jess offered Paulini her womb.