The Hundred with Andy Lee returns next week

The Hundred with Andy Lee returns next week

Australia is a land that’s always changing and so are we – so it’s time to test the nation again by asking a new batch of those very big questions when The Hundred with Andy Lee returns to Nine next week.

Season 3 of The Hundred will tackle more of society’s biggest (and smallest) questions like: How many Aussies have not had COVID yet? How many people are adopted? Do you call your mum every day? How many people lie on their resume?

Andy Lee will be joined by a host of comedians and celebrity guests including Tom Gleeson, Tommy Little, Nazeem Hussain, Luke McGregor, Sophie Monk, Hamish Blake, Nath Valvo, Susie Youseff, Lizzy Hoo, regular panellist Mike Goldstein and many more.

But the real heroes of the show are the 100 everyday Aussies representing the great cross-section of our population, who Zoom in every week to tell us what the nation is really thinking.

Fan-favourite segments Pick the Percent and Celeb-A-Really will return, along with a raft of new games like Couples Court, where couples look to settle those irritating domestic quibbles we can all relate to. Can pots and pans go in the dishwasher? Do you have to share your meal at a restaurant? Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or bottom of the tube? Be prepared to accept the answers – The Hundred’s verdict is final!

Is It Rude? is another new segment, which will get to the bottom of social etiquette’s greyest areas. Can you turn up to a dinner party 15 minutes early? Should you tell someone if there is something in their teeth? Is it rude to whistle at work? Australia will now decide once and for all what it IS rude.

Then there’s The Voice, where our panel chase victory by using their aural superpowers to link The Hundred’s various voices to their faces, and Snogging with the Stars, where the panel must determine which celebrity a member of The Hundred has kissed. 

Andy Lee said: “I asked The Hundred whether they wanted another season of the show and it was a resounding ‘yes’. You have to trust the data. I also asked them whether they wanted Gold Logie winner Hamish Blake to replace me as host and I’ve decided to keep their answer confidential. Some data you can’t trust. I’ll be back for season three.”

Whatever story is gripping the nation, or whatever the hot and taboo topics of the week are, we’ll be diving right in to find out what Australia really thinks when The Hundred with Andy Lee returns to Channel 9 and 9Now on Tuesday, August 9. 


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