The Host of The Mole is………..

The Host of The Mole is………..

After much speculation as to who would host The Mole reports that the role has gone to SHURA Taft 

Taft is best known for hosting kids shows Pyramid and Kids WB on Channel 9. Last year he hosted Last year, Taft hosted The Supercoach Show on Fox Footy. He has also co-hosted Uplate! On Go!. 

In high school “A couple of mates and I used to keep Mole diaries that listed all the challenges and who behaved suspiciously.he revealed

he Mole follows a group of contestants that confront a series of challenges – with a twist.

One of the contestants is a traitor – a mole – that is trying to sabotage the group’s money-making efforts.

The Mole returns to seven after an eight year absence with previous versions hosted by Grant Boweler and Tom Williams. Shooting starts next week and is expected to air after Easter on Seven


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