The Good Doctor to air twice a week

The Good Doctor to air twice a week

Fans of The Good Doctor are about to get a double dose of Shaun and co.

It will return on Sunday with episode 11 of season 3 “Fractured” which aired in the US in January.

Following his father’s death, Shaun must deal with the effects his intimacy with Lea will have on his relationship with Carly. Meanwhile, the team operates on a patient who is refusing all anesthesia during surgery for fear of relapsing.
8:30 pm Sunday on Seven

Then Season 3 Episode 12 “Mutations.” will screen on Tuesday

The doctors must treat a 25-year-old runner suffering from severe swelling; two 16-year-old cancer patients are dating; Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Carly Lever work toward intimacy.

9pm Tuesday 25th February on Seven