The Gloaming review

Stan continues its yearly tradition of dropping original content to kick-off the year, and 2020 is starting with The Gloaming, the first two episodes of which were watched for this review.

When an unidentified woman is found brutally murdered, Molly McGee (Emma Booth) is tasked with finding the culprit. However, what begins as a routine murder investigation soon becomes a bit more complex when an item from an unsolved crime also appears. As the case tasks a turn, a blast from Molly’s past returns in the form of Alex O’Connell (Ewen Leslie), who is down from Melbourne, having begrudgingly returned home to help with the case at the request of Lewis Grimshaw (Aaron Pederson).

By day Molly’s a cop, but by night she’s on her own mission to prove that wealthy business, Gareth McAvaney (Martin Henderson) isn’t as clean-cut as he appears to be.

Of course, there is much more to The Gloaming, which you will have to discover for yourself.

Penned by Victoria Maddern (The Kettering Incident), the first two episodes prove this isn’t your typical murder mystery, with viewers given the answers right from the get-go. The mystery isn’t who did it, but why did they do it? The writing is sharp and like an unputdownable novel.

There’s also a bunch of characters in this story who give fine performances alongside out leads, like teen Lily Broomhall, who is Molly’s daughter, and the mysteriously intriguing Freddie Hopkins (Matt Testro).

Full of interesting characters and a gripping story, The Gloaming is a brilliant way to start the TV year.

5 Stars

The Gloaming reveals itself on New Year’s Day on Stan