The Final Four Take Nick Home.

The Final Four Take Nick Home.

Tensions reached breaking point on an emotionally charged episode of The Bachelor Australia, when Brittany, Cass, Brooke and Sophie took Nick home to meet their loved ones.

First to front the family, Nick headed to sunny Sydney to meet Cass’ nearest and dearest.  Having made no secret of how she has felt about Nick since day one, Cass admitted she had already told her family everything there is to know about him. Rocking up to her family’s house, Nick hoped his feelings could reach the same level.

After a day of horse riding it was time to meet Cass’ family. Sitting around the dinner table, mum Maggie wasted no time firing the tough questions at Nick, asking him exactly how he felt about her daughter.

Revealing he would be the lucky one if he ended up with Cass, it was time to unwind after dinner, with Nick joining sister Sammy outside for some one-on-one time.

Wanting to protect her sister, Sammy tried to uncover Nick’s true feelings. Asking direct if Cass stood a chance to be with him in the future, Nick admitted if he did end up with Cass, their feelings would skyrocket.

After a slightly awkward dinner date, Cass attempted to tell Nick exactly how she felt. With nerves getting the better of her, the moment passed and Nick walked away, leaving Cass unsure of where she stood.


Nick’s next stop was Perth. Meeting Brooke at her local AFL oval, he greeted her with a bunch of handpicked roses. Brooke put Nick through his paces before taking a break and warning him about what to expect from her family. Having not grown up with a traditional unit, Brooke revealed Nick would be mting those close to her – best friend Tess, brother Troy and father figure Peter.

At dinner, the family wasted no time grilling Nick about how he felt about Brooke. Not satisfied with the answers she was getting, Tess and Nick moved to the lounge room for a one-on-one chat.

Confident in the connection he had with Brooke, Nick assured Tess that what they had together was something special. Brooke put all her cards on the table, revealing she was falling for him, and how seeing him with her family only cemented her feelings for him.

With a shared love of the water, Sophie met Nick on the foreshore to go jet skiing. After a fun day in the sun, it was time to meet Sophie’s family.

Humour around the dinner table left Nick feeling comfortable, until older sister Ashley, and twin sister Melissa asked for his help in the kitchen Nick told the girls that to end up with Sophie, she would need to open up emotionally. Trying to open up, Sophie fell short of telling Nick how she really felt in fear of getting her heart broken.

Back in his place of birth, Nick met Brittany on the beach in Port Macquarie. Wanting to introduce Nick to some of her friends, Brittany surprised him with a camel ride.  Later at Brittany’s home, dad Tony pulled Nick aside for a stern chat. Revealing he was not a fan of footballers and their treatment of women, Nick was caught off guard after being questioned about his intentions.  At the dinner table, Brittany’s brother Dane was next to interrogate Nick. Knowing someone is going to get their heartbroken, it was sister Sheridan’s turn to address some rumors she had heard about Nick and Cass. Sheridan walked away from their chat unconvinced with Nick’s intentions towards Brittany. Cornering her in the kitchen, Sheridan told Britt about her interaction with Nick.

At the cocktail party, Brittany confronted Cass about her past with Nick. Admitting Nick had been to her birthday and asked her out to dinner a couple of times, Cass became emotional as she apologised for not being honest from the beginning.

At a tense rose ceremony, it was between Brittany and Cass for the final rose. Leaving empty handed, it was Cass’ time to leave the mansion.