The Faithful Get Played Again

The Faithful Get Played Again

Deceit. Lies. Betrayal. Just your ordinary day in The Traitors mansion.

The breakfast table became a battleground when, not even waiting for food to pass his lips, Matt hounded Theresa, Fi and Justine over eggs, wanting answers behind their vote.

With the conversation soon turning to Angus and the possibility of him being a Traitor, Angus got a little hot under the collar, realising he was definitely the next target.

When Midy didn’t arrive at the table, the schemers also knew their days were numbered.

With $34,000 up for grabs in the challenge, fear of heights were put to the test as everyone was harnessed up with the single goal of making it to the other side of the bridge without dropping. So basically, step on a trap door and you’re a goner.

With $14,000 added to the kitty, it was no rest for the wicked when Rodger handed down yet another challenge, introducing a sweet twist.

Enter The Shield. Get your hands on this baby and you’re not only protected from being murdered overnight, you’re also safe from banishment. Let’s just say everyone got their game face on quick sticks to swim across a lake to grab it.

In a two-horse race between Angus and Nigel, and with a bit of scratching and roughhousing, Nigel came out the victor. With Angus stating murder “did cross his mind”, suspicious were roused by the Faithful.

After another robust session in the Banishment Room, the original Olivia lie came to a head and she was voted out. Another Faithful GONE.

Smirking from ear to ear, The Traitors, Angus, Claire, Nigel and Marielle murdered again with ease. Who will be cut from the game this time? Kate or Justine? Find out when The Traitors continues tonight.


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