The Embassy November 9

The Embassy November 9

The Embassy has it’s final episode this week here’s whats in store.

This week we join our diplomats behind the closed gates of the Ambassador’s residence as they prepare to celebrate the most important event on the diplomatic calendar, Australia Day.

While Ambassador James Wise and his team host the country’s most powerful and glamorous, another Australian is putting it all at risk. Jaryd, a former casino security manager, has been busted for ecstasy in Phuket and is facing serious drug charges in a country that still has the death penalty. What’s more he has a young Thai girlfriend – and she’s pregnant. What the embassy doesn’t know is that Jaryd is also preparing to double-cross the Thai authorities.

At the embassy, diplomat Trudy McGowan is dealing with a distressed young Aussie who was seduced into coming to Bangkok by the lover he met online – only to find himself the victim of a terrible scam, and a virtual prisoner in his hotel.

Expectations are turned on their head every day in Bangkok. Today, the new intern Bukka is thrown in the deep end, dealing with distressed pensioners Ann & John O’Donahue. They were having the holiday of a lifetime until they left all their most precious belongings behind in a Bangkok taxi. It’s not just their passports, wallets, laptop, and iphone – but they also lost their bankcard with a pin number attached. It will take a miracle for their savings to survive.

A miracle is what young Rhys Hayes is desperately praying for. The 22-year-old man from WA is in Phuket, where his businessman father has been arrested and jailed by Thai authorities after a business deal went south. Rhys is determined to get his dad out of prison – but can Rhys raise the bail?        

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