The Embassy Heads to Wednesdays

The Embassy Heads to Wednesdays

It was one of Nine’s surprises hits last year and now  The Embassy is opening it’s doors again for it’s second season.

Over a million Australians travel overseas every year. The Embassy takes us to the frontline as our diplomats serve to keep us safe and out of trouble in stunning holiday locations across Asia.

In these new episodes, we join our diplomats in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos as they respond to major catastrophes, hilarious escapades, devastating accidents, love gone wrong and everything in between.

Episode One takes us to Phuket where body-builder Nathan is on the holiday of a lifetime until he gets knocked off his Harley and it all goes seriously pear-shaped. The Thai police want to know who’s responsible for the accident, so why is he lying to police?

Meanwhile, in Ho Chi Minh City, 19-year-old student Paris is on her first-ever overseas trip. It’s the gap year adventure she always dreamed off – but it’s all about to come crashing down.

It is the family reunion like no other: the story of Australia’s amazing twiblings: Born of two different surrogates in two different countries and only a month apart. Now baby Ava’s been diagnosed with holes in her heart. Will a family that’s been 10 years and many tears in the making, ever be united?

And, what happens when a man and his dog go on a Thai holiday? They left Australia together, but will they both make it back home?

 The Embassy returns Wednesday Febuary  3 at 8.30pm on Nine