The Core Four of Survivor are no more

The Core Four of Survivor are no more

Arguably one of the tightest alliances in Australian Survivor history was shattered last night.

With less than a week left in the game, the remaining five players were hungrier than ever for the title of Sole Survivor and the half a million dollar prize money. No one wasted anytime getting down to business.

While Sharn got to work letting David know that she wanted to take him to the end, Brooke approached Moana to strike up a deal.

Going into immunity, Brooke knew it was do or die for her survival in the game.  David, Tarzan, Sharn and Moana knew they had to win to keep their alliance intact and not have to turn on each other.

Tarzan went out all guns blazing determined to win and David was slow and steady. Ultimately Brooke’s lead was too strong, and she won herself individual immunity for the third consecutive time.

Every inch of trust between the core four alliance has been decimated and begrudgingly Moana, David and Sharn choose Tarzan as the target for tonight’s vote. However, this is Survivor and with David in possession of an Idol, Sharn feared he could choose to play it for Tarzan again. Knowing if Tarzan and David vote for her she could go home, Sharn approached Moana and Brooke to strike up an insurance policy to put votes on David.

Brooke was delighted that the alliance had not only broken but had approached her to make a big move. Also feeling vulnerable in the game, Tarzan pleaded with David to save him and vote Sharn.

During tribal council, the alliance pitched hard, determined to keep their place in the game. Loyalty and trust were thrown out the window and talk turned to who they could trust to go to final with.

In the end, golden god David played his last hidden immunity idol and Tarzan became the 20th person voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars, and the seventh member of the Jury.