The Cleaner Review

The Cleaner Review
Picture Shows: Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead (GREG DAVIES), Sheila (HELENA BONHAM CARTER) - (C) Studio Hamburg UK - Photographer: Jonathan Browning

This week, BritBox unveils a new dark comedy in the form of The Cleaner.

In The Cleaner we are introduced to Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead (Greg Davies), the guy who cleans up the mess when you can’t control yourself and murder your husband.

When we meet Paul, he’s at a very disturbing crime scene of a man whose wife, ‘The Widow’ (Helena Bonham Carter), stabbed him thirty eight times. Paul’s in a rush to get to curry night, but his job to make the kitchen presentable must come first.

However, things go haywire when Paul finds himself in a very dangerous situation with The Widow when she holds him hostage.

Created by Greg Davies, this thirty minute comedy is a joy as it divulges into why The Widow stabbed her husband. There’s a mix of comedy styles here, from slapstick when a nosey neighbour comes to visit, to toilet humour.

This is essentially a two-hander series with wonderfully developed characters and funny situations, and it’s pure joy to watch

5 Stars

The Cleaner arrives on BritBox April 7.


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