The Cheap Seats sets April Return

The Cheap Seats sets April Return

Returning with the millennial magic we’ve missed on our screens, co-hosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald are back with season two of their award-winning, critically acclaimed, ratings-hit series The Cheap Seats.

Melanie Bracewell is a netball-loving stand-up comedian from New Zealand, and Tim McDonald hosts a podcast about Formula One racing despite not yet having a driver’s license. Together, they shine brighter than a United Australia Party billboard.

Each Tuesday night, The Cheap Seats will take a comedic deep-dive into the shallow end of our weekly news cycle. Politics, world affairs, sport, pop culture, celebrities behaving badly, hosts behaving ever more badly – if it was broadcast, published, tweeted, or simply swiped left on in the past seven days, it’s likely to appear on the show.

Cultural correspondent Mel Tracina, and the only guy we could get on short notice, and sometimes sport expert, Titus O’Reily, are also back to politely share their two cents on the week’s events with you every Tuesday night.

Returning with all your favourite segments, including ‘What’s On What’s On In The Warehouse’, ‘Pacific Update Update’ and ‘Across The Ditch’, get set for your view from The Cheap Seats on Tuesday, 26 April on 10.


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