The Case Of The Missing Butter Hits Kudu Kourt.     

The Case Of The Missing Butter Hits Kudu Kourt.     

Tonight, camp said so long, farewell to Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson. A man of many a great story and a budget Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, there were tears and hugs all round.

The second shock to losing Dicko however was the case of the missing butter. Not happy with no campmate owning up to who stole it, Kudo Kourt, led by judge Nathan was now in session. After grilling the witnesses, the tables turned on prosecutor Aesha, a vegan who exclaimed: “I’m not being vegan in here or I die!” And thus, the case was closed with Aesha and Adam taken to the gallows (which was really the jungle gym).

Adam, Liz and Nick nailed the Read It and Weep food trial, nailing disgusting dishes including cow urine, a rat tail and a Zebra private part. Returning to camp with all 11 stars, the celebs where thrilled to be eating well that night.

Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris entered camp and delivered the news that sadly, Dicko was to head home. Farewelling the jungle, Dicko well and truly let his mark with deep and lasting conversations, coming to terms with gold dress gate, discussing homophobia with Harry, standing up for Dom post food trial opposite KAK, realising he’s not as young as he used to be and generally just being an ear around camp. .

As his parting gift to camp, Dicko chose Harry for tomorrow night’s The Only Way Is Up underground challenge, and another celeb will farewell the jungle.


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