The Captain and Corinne make MKR history

The Captain and Corinne make MKR history

Last night Queensland’s David and Corinne made My Kitchen Rules history but it wasn’t a good thing.

Ever confident David told his partner Corinne it was going to be a case of “second time lucky,” saying their entrée of Corn Soup with Avocado and Grilled Tiger prawns was going to be the beginning of their “redemption.”  But it wasn’t to be.

Commenting on their entrée, judge Pete Evans who scored the couple a two, said: “I find this dish really disappointing. What you’ve served here is a sauce or a puree; I’ve never seen a sauce this thick in my life.  I could turn it upside down and it would stick.” “It’s pretty much baby food,” added co-host and judge Manu Feildel, who only awarded the team a one for their first dish of the night.

The couple’s main of Pork Medallions with Cauliflower Puree, Green Beans and Mushroom Sauce also drew criticism for its lack of technique, with Manu noting a medallion should be served “juicy and caramelised”, not “a smashed up piece of meat,” before scoring them a three. Pete was less impressed with the main, scoring a two, saying the sauce was too rich and overpowered the mushrooms.

When asked her opinion of the main, WA contestant Chloe voiced what most teams around the table were thinking: “I think this is probably the worst dish I’ve seen in the competition to date.”

Moving onto their dessert of Chocolate Cake with Candied Liqueur Oranges, looks were deceiving with judges and fellow teams admiring the dish as it came to the table.

“I loved the presentation of your dessert. It looked like it was to die for. Unfortunately it didn’t taste that way,” said Pete, who scored the team a two for their final dish.  “It’s not a crème caramel, it’s not a panna cotta, it’s not a mouse, it’s something else!”  Manu, who scored the team a two for their dessert added: “It’s just not a cake at all.”

 All up they were scored a 27/110  which is the lowest scoring instant restaurant in My Kitchen Rules history. 

Will gate-crashing team, NSW mother and daughter Anna and Cathy take David and Corinne’s place in the competition when they cook tonight?

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