The Campbells take out the Feud

The Campbells take out the Feud

Showbiz couple Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell along with their families faced off All Star Family Feud last night , with the Campbell family taking out first place in a fierce competition.

The Callea team of captain Anthony, his mother Santina, brother Matt and friend Annie were outplayed by the Campbell team of captain Tim, his sister Joh, cousin Kelly-Ann and friend Erin.

The gloves were off early when Tim and Anthony met at the podium for round one, with Tim removing his wedding ring. When asked to “Name a habit your partner has that drives you crazy” Anthony answered with “Snoring”, the top answer on the board. 

Team Callea were off to a good start early taking out rounds one and two, before the Campbells went on a massive winning streak, scoring wins in all remaining rounds and, ultimately, the game.


The final question “Name something you shouldn’t comment on about another person” proved to be tricky, with the Campbells ultimately scoring the triple points up for grabs. When the final answers on the board were revealed, “Height” was included, much to Anthony and Grant’s amusement.

Joh and Tim took on the Fast Money round, winning a total of $30,000 for their charity RSPCA, while the Calleas won $10,000 for Lifeline.