The Bridge Australia gets its August premiere on Paramount+

Update your watch list as Friday, 19 August delivers your next streaming obsession in the form of global reality phenomenon, The Bridge Australia.

Narrated by renowned Australian actor Hugo Weaving, the haunting red beacon beckons in the distance as 12 strangers meet at a cabin deep in Tasmania’s untamed wilderness. Sure, it might sound like the beginnings of a scary movie, but it’s also the chance to win $250,000.

With nothing but their bare hands and basic tools, building a bridge together sounds easy right? Wrong.

If it’s one thing we know about strangers working to achieve a common goal with a cash prize ending, it’s to be careful who you trust.

In the epic first look, catch a glimpse of how the builders grapple with not only the best approach for the build, but also one last minor detail. Whoever is chosen to cross the bridge ultimately decides who keeps the cash. Will they share it with the group or keep it for themselves?

Three hundred and thirty metres. Seventeen days. One winner. Build it together. Cross it alone.


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