The Boys Take Sam Home

Last night  Sam travelled to the hometowns of the final four bachelors, in an effort to get to know them and their families more intimately.

First stop on the hometown tour saw Sam touch down in Brisbane to meet Michael and his family. It was obvious that Michael’s father was enamoured of Sam. By the end of the date, Michael made sure Sam knew his true feelings for her, revealing that he loved her by writing the words on his palm.

Sam’s next stop on the hometown dates was Avoca Beach, NSW, to meet Alex. As Alex’s family is overseas, Alex took Sam to his favourite beach for a surfing lesson. Later that night, to Sam’s surprise, she was introduced to Alex’s sister, Helen, who had flown in from New Zealand to meet her.

Richie met Sam in his home city of Perth and quickly whisked her off to King’s Park to see the stunning Perth skyline. Richie revealed to Sam that he was willing and ready to put his heart on the line for her.

After meeting Richie’s mother and sister, Sam was then introduced to Richie’s best friends. Extremely protective of Richie, they wasted no time questioning her intentions and motives.

Sam returned to Sydney for her final hometown date, where Sasha was waiting for her at a vineyard. Sasha pulled out all stops, serenading Sam and organising a beautiful picnic boasting exquisite wines and cheeses. Before taking Sam to meet his mother and stepfather in Bowral, Sasha revealed that he was falling in love with her.

Getting some important insight from the friends and family of the four remaining boys proved crucial for Sam, if not slightly overwhelming, in making tonight’s decision. Despite some tough questioning on topics such as marriage and children from some of the boys’ over-zealous friends and over-protective parents, Sam remained composed.

On returning to the mansion, Sam was faced with one of toughest rose ceremonies yet, choosing Michael, Sasha and Richie as her final three Bachelors.

A visibly upset Sam took Alex aside to say goodbye. Despite his generous and charming nature, Sam could not see a future with Alex.

On his departure, Alex said: “She is such a great girl, I could see a future with her but unfortunately it was not meant to be for me.”

 The Bachelorette airs 7:30 Wednesday and Thursday on Ten.