The Block Work From Home Reveal

The Block Work From Home Reveal

It’s raining in Gisborne again, surprise, surprise. 

Ankur and Sharon and Rachel and Ryan are in a world of pain after their fire installer doesn’t show up. Sharon manages to hustle to find another one, with a quote of $1500 to install the fireplace.

Omar and Oz are visited by Keith and Dan. In a major disaster for the pair, they won’t be able to deliver a finished work-from-home space after The Block builders ran out of time to build the Stratco shed. Dan explains the bad weather has had a real impact. Omar and Oz are shattered, but they are determined to do the best they can and never give up. 

After Ankur and Sharon install the fire, Rachel and Ryan wonder out aloud how they can afford for it to be installed after Scotty cut off their budget a couple of weeks ago.

As Shaynna and Neale have Covid, so The Block royalty and former contestants Alisa and Lysandra are back as guest judges.  

After calling ‘tools down’, Scotty apologises to Omar and Oz at HQ for The Block letting them down and the boys cop it on the chin. It’s judging time for the work from home spaces in the Stratco sheds.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $23,209:  The first thing Lysandra and Alisa noticed was the huge wine fridge Tom and Sarah-Jane had in their space. It is a bit of an eyesore, but once they see all the wine they are sold. The judges loved the fact that Tom and Sarah-Jane did a mezzanine, so the space is both a work from home office, and another living space for guests. Overall, very positive.

Score 26/30

Rachel and Ryan spent $24,140:  Alisa loved the Grafico wallpaper in the space, which is more of a living area, bar, and adult’s room, then a work from home space. The room had a real wow factor. Darren wondered why there was no sink. There was a bit of a debate whether Rachel and Ryan should have made this more of a work from home space, but they think it could be easily adaptable. 

Score 24.5/30

Sharon and Ankur spent $15,104:  A disaster really. The desk looked like it was part of a kitchen. There were no power points. Huge functionality issues. The one positive was the fireplace. Sharon wasn’t happy at all. She has come to expect negativity.  The twins thought they made rookie errors that should happen in week one on The Block. 


Dylan and Jenny spent $24,207:  The 98-inch Samsung TV really grabbed the judge’s eye when they walked into House No.2. It was a very functional space, both a work from home space and extra living area. But it lacked any sort of wow factor and was a bit “under cooked” according to the judges. 

Score 22.5/30

Omar and Oz spent $23,798:  The judges immediately hated the artwork in the work from home / living space. But other than that, a very impressive effort from Omar and Oz. The room had wow factor. Once it was finished, it will be a real value add for House No.5.  A bit like a glamorous man cave.

Score 24/30

The winner is, for the fifth time this season … Tom and Sarah-Jane.


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