The Block: Tree Change has a surprising exit

The Block: Tree Change has a surprising exit

Everyone is working frantically to finish their guest bedroom for the House Decider challenge, which will decide what house they choose on The Block: Tree Change.

Everyone is confident, including our Bondi Influencers Joel and Elle who think the judges will be wowed by their room with beautiful bay windows.

Scotty calls ‘tool’s down’ for the first time and all the couples, Joel and Elle, Tom and Sarah-Jane, Dylan and Jenny, Ankur and Sharon and Omar and Oz are relieved they have finished.

The contestants go to Scotty’s HQ for the first time. He lets everyone know, that he is giving anyone an out who don’t think they will be able to cope with the conditions on The Block. There is no doubt that it’s tough in Gisborne South, probably the toughest conditions ever.

Our judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer arrive on The Block: Tree Change for the first time and are shocked at the scale of the houses.

They visit the five rooms and are impressed.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $4892.75: A damn good try. This couple really knows what they want to do. Neale was amazed it was a challenge room, it could have been a first week room reveal.

Dylan and Jenny spent $4247.83: Neale loved the execution, but he didn’t like the whole ‘vibe’ of the room. Too urban, too much going on. A good but not great effort.

Joel and Elle spent $4640.83: “Where are we?” Shaynna asked when they entered. It didn’t feel like the Macedon Ranges to the judges, more like Joel and Elle’s home of Bondi. They warn them they must acknowledge the country while building the houses. They need to honor the heritage of the house which they haven’t done. Elle turns around and says, “just smile,”.

Ankur and Sharon spent $4,907.30: A good effort, but perhaps too much of a man cave feeling and not country enough. Scotty predicted right, they didn’t love the extremely rustic wall made of timber. The room was well executed.

Omar and Oz spent $4660.64: Everything was a bit generic. They loved they kept the original wall boards. The window was totally modern and not the right fit. They want to see more personality.

The judges have made their decisions. Tom and Sarah-Jane win and chose House No.1, Dylan and Jenny come in second and chose House No.4, a popular house with the contestants. Ankur and Sharon come third and chose House No.3, Joel, and Elle fourth and they chose House No.2, leaving Omar and Oz in fifth and staying at their challenge house, House No.4. All the contestants head back to Gisborne South not realizing the drama that was to come.

House Decider scores:

Tom and Sarah-Jane 23.5/30

Dylan and Jenny 22.5/30

Joel and Elle 21.5/30

Ankur and Sharon 22/30

Omar and Oz 21/30

Scotty also reveals to contestants that this week the couple will work on a bathroom on week one on The Block.

It’s promo day on The Block, where Channel 9 film the famous promos for the show. It’s a massive day that takes month of planning.

It’s dramatic though. The show’s executive producers Julian Cress and Justin Sturzaker reveal some shocking news to Scotty. Joel and Elle have decided to leave the show. The first walk out we have ever seen in the history of The Block. The reasons they gave Julian was they didn’t think the show felt right for them.

Scotty is shocked, why would you leave after just two days?

He calls all the contestants to tell them the news. He says he is struggling to process it, but Joel and Elle have decided to leave the show. They are gone. According to Scott the show wasn’t “on brand” for them.

There is shock among the contestants. Sarah-Jane is angry. She says Joel and Elle didn’t get the chance to know them. Sharon points out an Instagram post Elle did a couple of days later that pointed to a family illness.

Everyone is just utterly shocked at what has happened.

Scotty says the good news is that a new couple will arrive on The Block to replace Joel and Elle.

It’s bathroom week and everyone gets started. Keith and Dan arrive and show the contestants the plans.

Scotty reveals a new couple will be joining The Block with just 48 hours’ notice, parents Rachel and Ryan from Sydney. They literally found out in the pub on a Saturday afternoon and rearranged their entire life to make it on the show.


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