The Block to get it’s own makeover

The Block to get it’s own makeover

The producers of The Block are promising to go back to basics with the show next season and it all sounds promising.

After what can be described as one of the most drawn out elimination process this season Co-creator Julian Cress has revealed that the upcoming season of The Block will feature no eliminations. Also on the agenda are for episodes to be reduced  from 90 minutes to an hour. The production episode order is also expected to be reduced.

We’ve probably got to a point where we were asking the audience to tune in for too long, for too many weeks and too long each night. “We are going to pull it back and give them what they love about The Block and that’s just an hour show.”.

The new season of The Block involves contestants transforming the dated Saville Hotel in South Yarra into apartments goes into production in May.