The Block Studio Reveal

The Block Studio Reveal

It’s 26 hours until tool’s down and our Blockheads have to finish their self contained studios, which they will also live in as the build continues.

Eliza and Liberty in House No.5 have no renovation experience and they are giving their all. They end up doing two all-nighters just to finish.

Melbourne is known for rain, and it pours down on The Block which causes some water damage to the studio apartments, mostly in Leah and Ash’s studio in House No.3.

Steph and Gian in House No.3 are having a better week on The Block compared to their disaster last week. They have new builders and everything is going well.

Scotty arrives on The Block and calls “tool’s down” and our couples head to HQ for the second time for judging.


There was a serious wow factor when the judges walked into the studio bedroom, Marty, Shaynnna and Darren all impressed with the size of the room.

Shaynna thought everything from the artwork, lighting, and Kinsman wardrobes was incredible.

Walking into Kyle and Leslie’s Pilaties studio, while it was very well done, our judges questioned the purpose of it.

Marty thought for the real estate market in Hampton East it was a wasted opportunity and they should have delivered a kitchenette to make the studio fully self contained.

The judges also thought the fact there was carpet and not floorboards was a mistake, especially as the studio will lead to the pool down the track.

Score 23/30


As soon as they walked in the judges loved Leah and Ash’s choice of timber flooring. But that’s where the positive comments finished. 

Darren said the studio gave him “display home vibes,” a comment that devastated Leah. He thought the Murphy pull down bed was the wrong choice, as was the placement of the furniture.  They liked the fact there was a kitchenette, but that’s about it.

Shaynna thought the studio design had no connection to their bold and risky bathroom from last week.

Leah was miffed about the judges and their comments, and doesn’t know where to go from here.

Score 21/30


Darren loved the impressive Velux skylights and their design on the roof of the second story studio.

Marty noted the design was a bit like a New York City loft which was a plus for the Hampton East market.  Shaynna was a fan of the colour palette

But all the judges had concerns about the layout and some of the styling.  No rug, no microwave.

Shaynna thought the studio had no connection to the Moroccan styled bathroom underneath. This was a real issue for her.

Score 21/30


Marty thought Steph and Gian’s studio has a lovely warmth to it.

The beams on the roof were a miss last week in their bathroom, but the judges loved them in the studio.

Even Darren, who was initially skeptical, came around.

Marty thought this space could work as an extra bedroom which will be fantastic come auction time.

Shaynna praised Steph’s architectural work, which made her very happy.

Marty said if this style is applied to the whole house, Steph and Gian will be a very strong team on The Block.

Score 24.5 /30


The judges were impressed the studio space was fully self contained, with a sink, kitchen and microwave.

They did however have serious issues with the layout and styling.

The wall paper, which featured a map of Melbourne but not Hampton East, was slammed as juvenile.

Marty made the comment that Eliza and Liberty would have been better off delivering a room with nothing in it.

The judges felt this room wasn’t luxurious enough for a house of this size in Hampton East.

They were tough comments to take for Eliza and Liberty.

Score 21.5/30

Steph and Gian take out the win and they are absolutely delighted.


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