The Block Studio Prize Incentive

A nice friendship is developing between Leah and Ash in House No.2 and Kristy and Brett in House No.3. So much so Leah and Ash sleep over at Kristy and Brett’s house for a couple of nights as House No.2 undergoes some serious demolition. 

It’s a long weekend on The Block, which means a day without power tools as our Blockheads continue to build their studios – or Granny Flat as host Scott Cam says. 

Drama has been brewing between Leah and Kyle, after Kyle called her out at a dramatic body corporate for not listening. It has been really bugging Leah, and she approaches him to clear the air.  He explains there is no issue, but admits he doesn’t think himself and Leah will ever be the best of friends. 

Steph and Gian have a huge swim spa in their backyard and Scott confirms it’s their spa to sell, and Gian has a smile on his face thinking about just how much he can sell it for.

It’s a big week of prizes on The Block.  Not only a $10,000 cash prize from Ford for the winning room, but a $20,000 wardrobe upgrade from Kinsman, and a Hermes vintage bag worth at least $20,000 or even more. 

The tension is starting to build between some of our couples on The Block, in particular Kristy and Brett who argue about the best strategy to paint in their studio apartment.

It’s all not bad news for Kristy and Brett. Weber hosts a challenge hosted by Scott where the contestants have to cook the perfect steak to his liking.  Cooked by Brett, House No.3 are the clear winners and they take home an impressive $10,000.


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