The Block Studio Bathroom Reveal

The Block Studio Bathroom Reveal

It’s 25 hours to the first room reveal on The Block, the ensuite bathroom in the studio


It’s the battle of the curves between House No.1 and House No.2, with Kyle and Leslie and Leah and Ash both thinking they are the only house doing curves.

It’s becoming apparent on The Block that Steph and Gian in House No.4 are really struggling with their builder Ryan. There has been lots of miscommunication.

Foremans Keith and Dan also have early concerns about House 4’s builders.

In the end Steph and Gian make the decision it’s not going to work, and they need new builders.

The building drama isn’t the only drama for Steph and Gian.

Leah catches Steph talking to her stonemaker and is upset, she thinks she is trying to steal her trades.

Leah and Kristy continue to gossip about Steph.

Leah said: “Is she dumb and innocent or smart and sneaky?”

Our contestants are getting used to The Block quickly, and that includes 3pm tools down on a Saturday.

Steph’s father Nick arrives to help her after a tough week.  A builder, it appears that Nick helps Steph overnight finish their bathroom.

Leah and Ash are immediately suspicious, is Steph’s Dad getting paid and has he been inducted?  They are the rules on The Block.

“Is it cheating?” Eliza asks.

Drama is brewing as our contestants finish their bathrooms, after a few all nighters.

New judge Marty Fox joins Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer to judge the first room on The Block.


Marty thinks with the beautiful curves this room will photograph really well.  Fantastic feedback overall, for Kyle and Leslie’s first effort.  The room has a lovely, warm feeling about it.

All the judges loved the unique curved ceiling.  The only negative for Shaynna was the placement of the drain in the bathroom. Darren also had a real issue with the fact Kyle and Leslie didn’t have underfloor heating in their bathroom.

Score 25/30


Like in House No.1, the judges were a fan of the curves in Leah and Ash’s bathroom.  Marty thought the dark green look made the bathroom feel like a nightclub.  Darren loved the bold style and the venetian plaster walls. The white toilet did stand out, for the wrong reasons. Marty had some layout issues where the door was placed. Shaynna thought the styling was ‘half baked’ which upset Leah. Marty cautioned Leah and Ash to be careful and not necessarily run with the bold and unique style throughout the entire house.

Score 24.5/30


The Moroccan themed bathroom had some mixed feedback from the judges. They thought it felt like a day spa, but it wasn’t executed that well. Marty thought it was bland.  They all had issues with the industrial style shower screen. Marty felt the bathroom had no emotional connection.  Darren said there were mixed styles in the bathroom and Kristy and Brett had to stick to a style and run with it.

Score 21/30


The bottom half of Steph and Gian’s bathroom was a success, but when the judges looked up they didn’t like what they saw.  The beams are a real mess according to Darren, they don’t even look rustic.  Steph and Gian need to think about functionality. They only had one towel rail and it didn’t work.

Score 20.5/30


Darren’s initial feeling was “wow.” The girls have done a great job with the tiles.  The feeling in the bathroom was divine.  The one criticism the judges had was that the mixed metals didn’t really work.  The placement of the flush of the toilet was also too high as was the shower.  But overall a good effort.

Score 23/30

So after a tough week for all of our contestants, Kyle and Leslie take out the win.  They are heading to Scott Cam’s house in Gisborne from last season for the night, as a getaway for winning the week.


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