The Block starts to crack as Tim and Anastasia walk

All i can say is wow last night’s Block had a fair bit of drama that resulted in the show’s first ever walk out.

Tim and Anastasia have had a roller coaster of a journey but last night things became too much. The drama began when rumors started circulating that the couple hadn’t being paying their trades Darren Jolly then took matters into his own hands and called Tim and Ana’s builder to check their bills.

“The word on the street by a few people and a particular plaster company is that there’s a certain couple that haven’t paid their plasterer,” Daz said. Things got heated when he called them to the front of the building and publicly confronted them about their budget.

After the couple had copped an unfair slam from Darren who really should just focus on his own apartment they said that everything was all fine but that wasn’t the case. Later on Scotty revealed that they had only $1500 in their budget which is a problem when the couple were just given a $20,000 plastering bill.

Tim argued that he would pay the outstanding $19,000 from his “own personal pocket”, Scotty offered a compromise. “How about I pay the bill … but at the end of this competition if you don’t have the money to pay me back it will be taken out of your reserve. Tim seemed to agree that was fair but it sent Anastasia over the edge   She began packing her things and the couple walked out of the show heading home.

While it’s fair to say that his has been building for a while I dare say Darren’s confrontation in the street would have been the final straw given it’s none of his business.