The Block Sky High Things Get Hectic

The Block Sky High Things Get Hectic

The blockheads are in for a storm of pain so who will rise and who will fall at the final hurdle?

As morning breaks it’s going to be a dark day as it’s raining so teams aren’t looking forward to work today. The twins are doing their daily makeup routine. A brawl is brewing between the twins’ plasters and Bec and George’s plaster because they are both doing the ceiling however they want to use different batons this means that the ceiling would be at different heights something which can’t happen they eventually sort it out and get to work together.

Keith  has asked everyone to have lighting around the outside of the building and the space near the plastering has to be wired before plastering can continue so Madi has to organise the twins sparky to do it and he agrees to do it

The courtyard being done by Madi and Jarrod is falling behind due to the scaffolding disaster yesterday but they now have a landscaper and it’s all systems go. With it expected to rain Madi has put a tarp to stop the rain.

On the other side matt and Kim’s garden is going along nicely with beds in and pavers being laid however the water has to be able to go down into the drain. Jhonno and Trixie are doing the living room and about to plaster their space. Bec and George have decided to go with a spayed aluminium panelling. Lysandra and Alisa aren’t very happy as no one had made a water plan so there is no water for the kitchen or ensuite. They haven’t figured it or connected Madi and Jarrod bathroom from last week. Eventually Keith discovers that there is water available to be tapped into through Jhonno celling so he has agreed. To get a water heater so they don’t have to cut through the concrete floor. Keith suggests cutting into the pantry so they put it above storage height until we discover there are more problems eventually the twins admit they don’t care in the end no solution is found

Jhonno wants to complete his plastering today while the girl’s kitchen will have running water that was achieved simply by changing the cooktop from electric to gas. The hot water system will be installed in the built in wardrobe in the bedroom.

Madi and Jarrod garden is going along nicely while Bec and George are doing their chandelier solo. Matt is screeding pavers so the water will go down the drain. Jarrod is putting his deck in while matt’s landscapers are tiling their garden walls. George is struggling to get his chandelier started so everyone’s offering advice and George has had enough he had to step away for a minute. Bec ends up getting help from Maid’s chippie.

Kim and matt’s secret weapon has arrived and it’s a sculpture and it’s hideous. Mad is plant shopping. George has recovered and his working with help from Keith to construct the light.

It’s now raining as a new day dawns we discover its Johnno’s birthday. Trixie makes him go get her coffee despite her being spoilt on her birthday. Bec and George’s feature light gets completed with help from James the builder

The twins feature lights however look like a pile of bricks it’s not completed though. Jarrod’s deck is completed while everyone passes judgement on the sculpture no one likes. The twins light wall is up but there’s a problem you can’t rotate the light to change the globe.

The episode ends with everyone celebrating Johnno’s birthday



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