The Block Sky High the Final 2 week Challenge Begins

The Block Sky High the Final 2 week Challenge Begins

Yesterday Scotty dropped the bombshell that the Reno isn’t complete just yet and there is another level of renovating to do.
The contestants weren’t impressed either so what does this challenge involve? they will be doing an another apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms a kitchen living dining room and 2 gardens on the lower level of the Block they will have $100,000 and two weeks to do it. The prize is a game changer the room judged the best each week will receive $20,000 off the reserve price 2nd will get $15,000 3rd will get 10,000 while 4th and 5th place receive nothing.

The teams have to decide who gets what 2 rooms. Matt comes up with a plan to pair up a hard room and an easy room. The teams are all thinking about the prize and its impact as Jhonno comes up with a great idea to combine all the prize money and split it evenly.

Everyone is supportive of the idea except for matt until he realises everyone still gets two rooms. It seems like we have a solution until the twins say that it doesn’t seem fair that someone could win as much as they have. Then Trixie decides they have to start how they began as couples. They do a hat draw to decide the rooms and spaces.

Keith comes to draw out the rooms. Alisa and Lysandra get the Kitchen as a result they get the laundry linen and hallway bathroom combination.
Matt and Kim get the master bedroom and the smallest garden
Bec and George get the dining and a bedroom and bedroom walk in robe ensuite combination.
Madi and Jarrod get the largest courtyard and a bedroom and ensuite
Trixie gets an ensuite and living room

Everyone is nervous about the prize at stake but planning has begun. And the teams are also given vouchers to help with costs.
Madi and Jarrod are dismantling there space and are thinking of hiring a builder. The twins are trying to figure how to put up a door but are unsure who puts up the walls they are also having budgetary issues.

Kim wasn’t ecstatic about 2 more weeks of renovation but they will hopefully get the job and allow their uniqueness to shine. In the master bedroom the design options are limited due to the amount of doors. He hopes that Trixie will remove one of her doorways but she isn’t exactly corporate so while they are talking over ideas with Keith that the twins come in declaring they won’t have enough money. Everyone’s a little confused and they come up with an idea to tile. The demolition begins matt and Trixie are discussion about blocking the doorway and Trixie isn’t going to be nice and will stand her ground.

All the couples will be working close together and teschie the electrician will be shared except for the twins who get their own and having the hallway means they will have trades walking in and out.

The twins are marking out there spaces and because the wall will affect Bec and George’s space they decide to halve the cost. Meanwhile on the design front they have no idea and shoran needs a floor plan by tomorrow.

Bec however has the ideas flowing with her bathroom however it’s the bedroom that has the most interesting. Because of a steal beam she is thinking of forest wallpaper and a floating bed tom isn’t happy but Bec is sticking to her guns.

Madi and Jarrod are having communications problems despite having it all planned out Jarrod hasn’t listened to Madi as she wants colour sliding doors. Madi isn’t happy that he’s forgotten. As Madi heads off to recce Trixie and Jhonno have decided to keep their plan under wraps. As Jhonno gets distracted by a coffee assistant Trixie is determined to keep matt waiting about the door.

The demolition continues as the twins decide on their kitchen designs we discover that the apartment doesn’t have to flow. This has caused problems for Bec and George as they are having floorboards which are going to have a step all because the twins are having polished concrete.

Bec and George have to dig a new set of pipes and find a new set of pipes as both toilets can’t be flushed at the same time all at Keith’s expense luckily Lysandra will help George dig the trench and put in the pipes