The Block Sky High the Block is Completed

The Block Sky High the Block is Completed

After nine weeks of pure torture tonight The Block will be completed.

With only 24 hours left there is a lot of work to do everything needs to be finished. Trixie and Bec are getting emotional at the prospect. Trixie is planting succulents around the whole rooftop and she wants to do it solo. George isn’t happy that matt isn’t helping but he’s helping Trixie do the garden and puts a plant in one of the boxes. Trixie isn’t happy but she lets it slide and one plant goes where she doesn’t want it.

Kim has returned with extractor fans for the contestants to put on the outdoor kitchens but they are too small so before she can finally shop for their apartments which also have to be completed by tomorrow. Due to the floor not being level the tiler had to delay getting started. But now the water feature guy has turned up so they have to get the tiler to stop and tile the water feature area later luckily he agrees.

Half of the block is shopping. Alisa and Lysandra are picking centre pieces while the remainder are on hand to fit the water feature. George has had to do two supporting columns to go either side and it just fits. Bec and Trixie have gone shopping for lighting leaving Madi and the boys alone and with so few helpers to clean Madi are worried that she won’t fix her apartment Trixie is worried also that things won’t get done. Keith isn’t impressed that matt made himself foreman and went off site for so long as he has taken on a builder role and needs an apprentice to keep on top of things so Kim is now helping him.

As night falls the teams struggle to pull their last all-nighter and it’s decided that all teams go to bed before midnight and resume at 6am. However when morning comes matt and Kim and the twins struggle to wake up. George is painting as Lysandra apologises. Eventually everyone’s on board just as the lift breaks. With one hour left the teams have to lift the TV up to the rooftop they manage to do it without dropping it. With a minute left Scotty arrives for the final tools down. Everyone is ecstatic at their efforts.

As the teams meet Scotty in the park where he tells them they will go to lunch. They will be cycling to lunch. It turns out they will come with the apartments. While they enjoy lunch the judges inspect the block and call the front of the building incredible. The foyer is called great. They love the artwork and water feature. The lighting is praised as are the tiles.

On the rooftop they love the vertical garden and powder room calling it practical. The view from the roof is called spectacular. They like the pergola and party space. It’s called a smart building and the TV screen blends in. they love everything.

Scotty and the teams are enjoying lunch when the judges arrive Neale tells them it was incredible. Darren tells them to be proud of everything as Scotty gives them the 8th star they have been chasing. As a reward all their families arrive no one’s expecting them as they are going home tomorrow tears are flowing all round.

Scotty lets them know that they aren’t going anywhere they will be doing an another apartment consisting of 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms a kitchen living dining room and 2 gardens on the lower level of the Block they will have $100,000 and two weeks to complete the task over the next two weeks here’s the good news the room judged the best each week will receive $20,000 off the reserve price 2nd will get $15,000 3rd will get 10,000 while 4th and 5th place receive nothing. The teams aren’t impressed.


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