The Block Sky High Madi Can’t Decide a Thing

The Block Sky High Madi Can’t Decide a Thing

Yesterday the contestants achieved very little so will any work take place today?

It’s a very early in the morning and a site meeting has been called but only a few people turn up. The twins Trixie and Jhonno and Jarrod arrived the others remain in bed. On level 3 George has the flu and Bec is aware of everyone is doing apparently.

In the foyer Shoran and Haydo (two teams’ builders) have arrived to help out. In the foyer along the wall opposite the entry will be glazed bricks in a specialised pattern which George will look after.

The contestants will do a green wall beside the lift. When you exit the lift there will be a water feature and a powder room on the side. Outside the lift house they will have a deck and pergola.

Lysandra isn’t happy about Bec and George and the other teams so she goes to wake everyone up. On the way up she runs into Madi who decides to sand back the balustrade. However due to the paint being led based it is dangerous to disturb so instead it will just be painted over.

While Lysandra and Bec go furniture shopping. The rest of the girls try to decide the lighting for the rooftop. They decide to get strip lights and Madi ideas are being appreciated today.

To make decisions the contestants are going with a majority rules approach. Their first decision that needs to be made is the water feature which is a mirror back due to time constraints. Madi thinks it will just reflect the lift. All teams agree until Jhonno discovers that where the green wall is going need to be bricked using the same pattern. So the green wall will be swapped with the vertical garden. The scaffolding is coming down and the pergola automated opening roof  is going in. gorge has never done a vertical stack before so he gets some advice before working on the foundations.

Bec and Lysandra are couch shopping after a while they find the perfect couch however there’s a catch it costs $7000. They are told it can’t happen so the search continues as Alisa gets a surprise visit from her son.

Bec and Lysandra have found a compromise and get one couch with some bean bags. On the site gorge gas done all the preparation so he can lay bricks tomorrow and Trixie think she has organised too many trades so she sits down with Jarrod and Keith to discuss the budget. They decide to save some money by having 2 crews work tomorrow then the small jobs will be done by Jarrod and Keith. Alisa gets confused thinking they were having a major decision meeting but they are able to explain it to her without drama.

As morning arises George gets a visit from Paulie at 6AM. Everyone’s awake at 6:30 AM and overnight a job list was setup. Gorge and Alisa are doing the bricks today. While Jarrod and Jhonno work on construct a table. Everything is running smoothly so smoothly in fact Madi is offering advice to everyone instead of doing anything. Madi is struggling to make decisions on the lighting and no one’s helping her so she off hands to Alisa who is less than impressed. She just wants Madi to make the decision and stick to it.

Jarrod and Jhonno are making a table they got it all done without a clash. Madi isn’t happy that Lysandra isn’t happy to help her they end up having a discussion over Maid’s effort and Lysandra tells her that yesterday she knew the most about the lighting. Madi isn’t happy she isn’t getting any support on such a major decision in the end Madi goes off to the supplier.

Bec offers help but Madi tells her not to worry it turns out her problem was that she didn’t get to pick her job.

Keith comes up to check on what everyone’s doing as Lysandra and Bec paint the balustrade. Trixie is paying trades using a book for a spread sheet it’s a bit of a mess though. The balustrade is finished so Bec goes and helps George but she forgets to turn the mixer on.

Solar panels are also going on the roof as Scotty comes to visit. George’s brick wall is coming along nicely. Bec tells Scotty that there have been no issues yet I’m sure Madi would disagree. Jhonno and Jarrod have returned there table just needs to be power coated. As the work day ends everyone helps out on the brick wall.

Later that evening matt and Kim returned and were surprised by how much work has been done. As the episode closes Madi is venting to Bec about the lack of support. Bec insists she didn’t see it as a huge problem and Madi admits that is the issue that no one has her back.