The Block Sky High Lounge and Dining Room Reveal

The Block Sky High Lounge and Dining Room Reveal

By the end of tonight the couples will have delivered half of The Block. But who will win the lounge and dining room week?

The episode opens on reveal day with Scotty calling tools down and telling the judges he has a surprise for the contestants. But before we can find out what it is, we are taken back to the day before reveal. With no tools allowed to be used, all teams are having a sleep in except for Trixie and Johnno who are having breakfast with their kids on level 5. They are going to do some painting. The twins are having a clean-up day and are going to find chairs for their lounge room. In the end Alisa does the painting while Lysandra goes shopping. Alisa gets bored with painting so she is going to pay Matt and Kim back for putting a fish in their bathroom last week. Matt and Kim have gone rug shopping. It has to have a pink and purple tone.  Lysandra is having a tough choice finding a chair so she’s going back to the Block empty handed while Matt and Kim arrive back to the Block to discover Elmo hung  on the washing and Matt’s not happy. It’s now a pranking war between levels 1 &2.

Madi is going to buy paint after changing her mind about it again. Johnno is doing some painting so that he can spend a few hours at the aquarium with his kids. On level 2, Keith has come for a visit after Matt has thrown his dirty water out the window and it has landed on a car so he has to be clear that they have to clean it off. As they start to do  this, the twins arrive with another car telling them to clean it. Kim says no but Matt does it anyway thinking it was from Keith. In the end he is told it’s a prank and a water fight erupts.

On level 3 Bec and George are debating a feature wall. They decide to do it. George is upset that Bec didn’t listen to him earlier when he suggested it.

The day of reveal has arrived and that means that Trixie and Johnno’s children are leaving. Meanwhile, Matt is in bed with a bad back so Kim has done all the last-minute touches by herself. Eventually, time is called and the judging begins. This time however the viewer is taken straight to headquarters instead of the judges trip around the Block. For coming second last week, the twins’ outfit was picked by Trixie and Johnno. They are dressed as prisoners. The Block has earned 5 stars towards the energy challenge. They only have 3 left to achieve the 8 star rating they want.

First up for judging are the twins. The judges think it has a really lovely feel to it. Neale says that the art piece set the tone. it was well thought out and well styled.

Trixie and Johnno are next. The judges love the layout and the fact you can turn off the fans and lights via IPAD. Darren and Neale love the styling but Shaynna said it felt forced. They were also mixed on the fireplace and the rugs.

Bec and George’s living room was perfect for Neale. Darren loves the lamp and they loved the styling however the judges think they should move the couch out from the wall to make it more inviting.

Madi and Jarrod are next. They liked the cabinetry colour of mint and think it should have been on the wall too which it was originally. They don’t like the bed seat. They wanted to see how it flowed with the laundry and it didn’t do that.

Kim and Matt are last today. The judges say they got the balance right. The judges love it and can’t fault it all. It’s called sophisticated and feels like home.

Here are their scores. The scores go from Darren, Shaynna and Neale for each contestant.

TRIXIE & JOHNNO: 9.5, 9.5,

MADI & JARROD: 7, 7.5,

BEC & GEORGE: 7.5, 7.5,

KIM & MATT: 9.5, 10,


Scotty drops the twist that before Neale’s scores are revealed. The contestant will judge each other’s rooms. Kim doesn’t think that’s fair as it’s now a popularity contest. Everyone disagrees with her statement with that its back to the Block and we will continue this tomorrow.


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