The Block serves up a double room reveal

The Block serves up a double room reveal

Another week of The Block has come to a close.

It’s 36 hours to the huge double room reveal upstairs, with our couples choosing the layout they like – as long as they include a bathroom.

Major problems for Victorian’s Harry and Tash in House No.1, they realise their bathroom wall upstairs was installed incorrectly and is crooked, by 10mm. It is out of plumb. Keith says it is nowhere good enough to present, but Harry and Tash push on. They figure even if they deliver a sub standard room it is better than nothing, as they wants points because of the all important super power. The super power will see the couple with the highest overall points at the end of The Block decide the auction order.

Luke from House No.4 goes AWOL on a McDonalds run but when he returns he is confronted by Dan, he needs to deliver a drawing of his bunk bead plans to pass inspection. Luke and Jasmin also have serious problems getting their bath upstairs on Saturday morning, less than a day before tools down. They struggle to finish, and in the end ask Jimmy and Tam from House No.5 to help them deliver their bedroom and bathroom.

In House No.2 a small issue for Sarah and George, their shower screen doesn’t have enough support. It is easily fixed but adds more time to the build.

It’s a long night before room delivery day for everyone, in particular for Daniel and Jade in House No.3 who are delivering two bedrooms and a bathroom, an extra room compared to everyone else. Jimmy and Tam in House No.5 as always, are on time for their room deliveries.

It’s Mother’s Day on The Block and tools down. Somehow everyone finishes and they are all relieved.

Judging time at HQ, and Scotty says, this is rightly so the longest week ever on The Block considering the Covid-19 shutdown.

Harry and Tash, 1920s, House No.1. Spent $30,200: Shaynna instantly felt the bedroom had a feeling of calm, beautiful layering of the cushions. Neale said it was a confident return. Darren liked the room from a planning aspect, it could easily be a bedroom for a child, young adult, or guest. Neale loved the storage and the not to the art deco period of the home. All three loved the bathroom and what they delivered, but noticed the crooked wall. They were all devastated for Harry and Tash. Neale wanted to stress however, they delivered a beautiful bathroom despite the crooked wall.

Score 23.5/30

Sarah and George, 1940s, House No.2. Spent $35,900: They loved the Grafico mural on the main wall on the bedroom. Shaynna loved the colour palette and the Kinsman wardrobe. Darren’s only criticism was he didn’t like the bench at the end of the bed or the size of the bedside tables. Neale thought the room had that all-important emotional connection. The bathroom, Neale loved the black basin. Shaynna thought the shower was great but the tap wasn’t in the right place. Overall however, a great effort for Sarah and George.

Score 29.5/30

Daniel and Jade, 1930s, House No.3, spent $37,800 in total: Neale could totally imagine a family loving the two bedrooms. They loved both the boys and girls themed bedroom. Once again, amazing artwork and wall murals by Grafico. However they noticed the finishes, the painting on the doorframes, wasn’t up to scratch. Shaynna loved the styling in both rooms. With the bathroom mixed feedback. Darren thought it was terrible, the tiles and the marble choices were wrong. However he did note having the extra bedroom was a valuable asset come auction time.

Score 25.5/30

Luke and Jasmin, 1910s, House No.4, spent $37,800: They all thought the kid’s bedroom was absolutely beautiful. Shaynna did notice it was similar to Kyle and Kara’s Instagram page. However she thought it was beautifully done, from the wall sconces for kids, the hanging chair, the wallpaper. Darren loved the laminate on the Kinsman wardrobes. All three loved the bathroom, just stunning. They loved the fact it was so light and spacious. All three judges acknowledge that Luke and Jasmin are really hitting their stride.

Score 30/30

Jimmy and Tam, 1950s, House No.5, spent $27,000: Darren loved the Grafico mural on the wall and said Jimmy and Tam did a wonderful job with their design of their bedroom considering the space. They loved the fact there was so much storage. The styling was very strong. The bathroom was divisive, Shaynna thinking the peach colour made her look like Donald Trump. She felt the colour wasn’t appropriate and they have to be careful not to be too bold or go too far, and think of the buyer. However overall, both rooms were of a very high standard.

Score 29/30


So the results are in – it’s a perfect score for Luke and Jasmin, 30/30. They give Jimmy and Tam $2000 as they helped their best friends on The Block finish.


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