The Block Reveals the Front Yards

The Block Reveals the Front Yards

The Block is getting closer to the end and now the houses are complete with the front yards now on display.

It’s Saturday, the day before the front façade and garden room reveal, and its mayhem on The Block. There are tradies everywhere as all five couples scramble to finish the week.  The most stressed award on The Block goes to Harry in House No.1, as they have so much to do in one day and they have the biggest front garden to do.

In House No.3 it is also looking a bit grim for Daniel and Jade, in particular because their façade has the most detail and it’s a juggling act between that and getting the garden ready.

Jimmy and Tam in House No.5 are in good spirits after they have a huge cactus delivered. With their palm tree already in the front yard, their Palm Springs front yard is coming along nicely.

George has some brickie issues as he and Sarah in House No.2 try to finish their amazing front facade. Harry loses it again after the sand for the concrete for his archway isn’t delivered. He ends up borrowing some from House No.3.

It’s all about painting on Saturday night but a huge curve ball is thrown to the contestants – a torrential, very Melbourne, winter rain downpour. George says it’s like a cyclone has hit The Block.

All the couples scramble to finish in particular Harry and Tash are overwhelmed, there are tears just before Tools Down. But in the end, they all finish and there are some incredible results. There are tears of relief.

It’s judging time at Scotty’s HQ.

Harry and Tash House No.1 spent $41,987: The judges were struck by just how beautiful the façade of the house is when they entered. Darren said it was elegant and calming. Shaynna thought the choice of white bricks was the right one, but that’s where her positive comments ended. She thought there should have been more lawn area for kids to play. She also thought there were too many plants and the garden was overcrowded. Neale however loved what Harry and Tash did, describing the front garden as one of love and passion. Tash didn’t take Shaynna’s comments well, upset for everyone
who had put so much work in. She ended up crying in the toilets backstage at Scott’s HQ. Harry and Tash are nearly broken.

Score 26/30

Sarah and George House No.2 spent $40,089: Immediately Darren loved the huge grass tree walking in. Shaynna loved the multi coloured bricks and said they were very 1940s. She also felt there was much more room for kids to play in compared to House No.1. She felt the simplicity of the garden was a plus for Sarah and George. Elegant and sophisticated.

Score 29/30

Daniel and Jade House No.3 spent $25,812: Walking into the front garden the first thing the judges noticed was the intricate details of the façade. Exquisite was the word that came to mind for Neale. Darren thought the garden was glorious. Shaynna loved the traditional plants Daniel and Jade chose. Darren did have a couple of negatives. The painting around the brick work was a bit of a mess, and the decking steps should have been dressed with some black panelling. Looking at this broke Shaynna’s heart. Daniel and Jade ran out of time and will fix it.

Score 28/30

Luke and Jasmin House No.4 $32,366: Shaynna loved the name of House No.4, Summerhill. Neale said it was a beautiful front garden and he loved the modern seat to the left of the garden. They noticed the trees at the front of the fence will grow and give House No.4 privacy to the traffic on New St. The only negative for Neale is he hated the water feature. Darren said the decking is another value add to the house. A couple of minor issues with the paintwork, but overall a good week for Luke and Jasmin.

Score 28/30

Jimmy and Tam House No.5 spent $51,607: All three judges agreed, House No.5’s garden is very Palm Springs. They nailed it in that respect. Shaynna said the garden will mean the quirky nature of the house won’t be a shock to anyone, it will get them used to it. The garden was praised because it was very low maintenance. Shaynna thought there could have been more plants. The pathway lights in the path leading to the front door were fantastic. The colour of the front door was perfect, as was the balcony.

Score 29/30

So, in the end it is a tie between Jimmy and Tam and Sarah and George. While they are happy, Tash is devastated.