The Block Prepares for a Rain Storm

It’s a flat mood to start the day for Kristy and Brett in House No.3 as they continue to figure out how they will deal with restocking the whole house.

Kristy also has the bug that Eliza has, and spends a few hours in bed to get well.

Leah’s bad luck with trades continues and she is on the hunt for a cabinet maker at the last minute.

As the Block builders Nine In Six start building the second stories of the houses in Charming St, they keep finding new issues.

House 4 had to demo all of their ceilings after old plaster fell off the roof which could have been disastrous if it fell on someone.

With a huge rain event coming, Foreman Dan advises all the Blockheads to take the plaster of their ceilings down in the old part of the house to prevent anymore roofs collapsing.

He also encourages them to cover their work from home spaces with tarps to stop rain coming in. Not all of our contestants – including Leah and Ash – don’t listen.

Shelley takes Liberty with Alice Stolz from Domain to a beautiful house in Toorak to get some styling inspiration, and Liberty is feeling much better about everything.

By the end of the day it was drummed into the contestants to tarp their roofs and up to them to make sure their work from home spaces are protected by the rain. Ash in particular has a “she will be right” attitude that doesn’t impress Dan.

Kyle and Leslie get a noise complaint after working on tolls after 6pm, a big no on The Block.

In Scotty and Shelley’s walkarounds it’s the first budget chat. Kyle and Leslie are doing the worst, haven’t spent $57,000 in just two weeks.

Gian finally gets rid of his spa, but only makes $500.

Kristy and Brett get some good news from Ketih, because of the magnitude of restumping their whole home, they can work ahead to get it done.

Our Blockheads furniture deliveries as the storm clouds approach.

It’s going to be a big weekend on The Block.


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