The Block Perfect Kids Room

The Block Perfect Kids Room

The Blockheads are feverishly working away and shopping in the final 24 hours until two kids’ rooms are revealed.

Steph has had a tough week, questioning everything because last time her and Gian delivered a kids room – in the house decider challenge – they were shredded by the judges for not sticking to the brief.

Leslie and Liberty head out shopping together and Steph calls, and admits later she is feeling left out. She is feeling ignored by Leslie, but Leslie explains that she is a bit over what she thinks is a one sided friendship with Steph.

Max and Charlie Cress, who have grown up on The Block as children of the executive producer of the show, cast their eyes on all the kids rooms. There are some statement pieces – like Leah and Ash’s rock climbing wall, and Steph and Gian’s swinging chair.

Scott arrives in Charming St and calls “tools down,” and while there are some very tired Blockheads all five couples deliver some stunning rooms. At judging Scott reveals there are some special guest judges tonight, Olive and Freddie Fox. They are joined in HQ by Marty Fox, who a bit awkwardly will watch the contestants as they listen to his feedback.

House No.1 Kyle and Leslie spent $16,743

A great effort by Kyle and Leslie but there are some criticisms. The basketball themed boys room is too narrow a focus. The judges are concerned it won’t appeal to a wider market. They also are worried about the planning upstairs. One of the kids rooms feels better than the master bedroom.  Leslie is devastated as she listens to more negative feedback. She has nearly had enough.

Score 24/30

House No.2 Leah and Ash spent $21,912

The judges loved the two kids’ rooms. Darren loved the bold style including the Grafico wallpaper. The climbing wall was a huge hit with Marty.  The second room which has a disco ball and stage was very well done. The only criticism is the day bed. The judges couldn’t understand why Leah and Ash didn’t just put in a normal single bed. But overall, very positive comments.

Score 28/30

House No.3 Kristy and Brett spent $25,580

Two really good efforts by the controversial couple from Adelaide. The bold Gafico wallpaper in the second room could potentially be polarising, but all three judges ended up coming around. Brett’s paintwork in certain areas still needed to be of a better quality. But overall, it was a hit.

Score 27.5

House No.4 Steph and Gian spent $25,580

Wonderful feedback across the board for Steph and Gian. The judges thought both rooms were absolutely stunning and that was reflected in the scores. Perfect 10s. The judges could not praise these rooms enough. It turned out to be a very financially rewarding night for Steph and Gian. $40,000 in just one night.

Score 30/30

House No.5 Eliza and Liberty spent $13,217

A really fantastic effort from Eliza and Liberty. The judges thought the rooms would work for any buyer and they would have really wide appeal. Marty had an issue with the lighting in one of the rooms, but that was the only real major mistake in his opinion.


What a week for Steph and Gian, as they take out another win.

In a twist, Marty Fox’s two children Olive and Freddie award a gnome to their favourite room, which is Leah and Ash.  The gnome which will give Leah and Ash a bonus point might come in handy down the track.


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