The Block Master Ensuite Bathroom Reveal

The Block Master Ensuite Bathroom Reveal

With two public holidays on The Block this week, it’s a bit of a rush to the finish for the Blockheads as they try to complete their Master Ensuite Bathroom

Most of the couples other than Josh and Luke are in a really good shape. The twins have another mishap the day before reveal. Keith and Dan discover their step from the indoor to the outdoor bathroom isn’t compliant and they have to fix it. They come up with a solution, some outdoor mats.

Tanya and Vito are missing a towel rail but Reece come to the rescue and a new one is delivered.

In the defect report, Kirsty and Jesse probably do the worst…they have a loose bath tap that will take some serious fixing. They are resigned to the fact they won’t be able to change that before judging on Sunday.

At tools down, all the couples finish.  Ronnie and Georgia, Mitch and Mark, Tanya and Vito and Kirsty and Jesse all finished and had a good night sleep. Josh and Luke however were working to the very last minute to complete their room.

It’s judging time – the big questions, will Ronnie and Georgia use their bonus gnome?

Ronnie and Georgia spent $22,000:  The judges loved the neutral colour palette, remarking that it is also not bland. Ronnie and Georgia have delivered an “effortless calm” room according to Neale. The cabinetry is divine. Shaynna thought however the shower screen wasn’t high enough and they should have spent more cash on that. Neale believes they are delivering a house that is so appealing to many types of buyers.

Score 29/30

Mitch and Mark spent $26,790: Mitch and Mark’s bathroom was a planning disaster according to the judges. The huge shower screen was too close to the basins and there was not enough room to move. Neale thought it was also dangerous, you could easily fall through it late at night. Shaynna couldn’t understand how they got so much wrong, including the placement of the double showers, the lights in the shower and above the vanity. They did love the styling and the tiles, but the judges believe they should change things up and move things around. Mitch and Mark disagree, they won’t be changing anything.

Score 22 /30

Tanya and Vito spent $17,458: : While they loved the bathroom, there was a huge debate about the brown coloured tile choice in the shower. It reminded the judges a bit of a seventies public toilet. Shaynna felt there was far too much going on.  It’s a divisive bathroom with all the choices which will limit buyer appeal according to the judges. Shaynna is also concerned it’s too much and too eclectic.


Josh and Luke spent $41,980:  WOW. The judges loved the luxury of the indoor and outdoor bathroom from Josh and Luke. The twins breathed a huge sigh of relief. Shaynna said the bath felt like a luxury weekend getaway, not a house bathroom. They thought the room was very functional, including the heating that you will need in a cold Melbourne winter to use the bath. Josh and Luke’s roller coaster ride on The Block continues.

Score 28.5/30

Kirsty and Jesse spent $28,045:  The judges thought Kirsty and Jesse delivered a very on trend, sophisticated room. A touch of Hamptons which Neale loved.  The tap selection was beautiful. The shower screen however could have been higher. The biggest issue was also the bath tap which is loose. Kirsty and Jesse are impressing the judges with how much they are learning.

Score 26/30

So it’s judging time… and Josh and Luke are furious as they would have won. But of course, Ronnie and Georgia use their bonus gnome and take it out. Both however scored a 10 which means $5000 each from Mitre 10.  Ronnie and Georgia had a hugely successful week on The Block, winning $25,000 in total.


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