The Block Living and Dining Reveal

The Block Living and Dining Reveal

It’s a big reveal week on The Block.

It’s 25 hours to living and dining room reveals and on Saturday morning The Block is quiet. Jimmy is the only one up, as everyone else is enjoying a sleep in. Jimmy and Tam in House No.5 finished their living and dining rooms at 8.30pm on a Friday night, a record for The Block. They will now have lunch with Scotty at his Melbourne apartment.

Sarah and George in House No.3 are also well on track and they are very happy with their statement piece – white bricks and a fireplace in the centre of their living room.

It’s the final round of Keith v Harry this week, as the pair have been butting heads all week after a plumbing issues. Keith claims Harry’s plumber was at fault with some work on the sewer lines and it had to be repaired by The Block’s plumber. Keith comes to see Harry and tell him as a compromise his plumber can now repair the damage, but it has to be done by Monday. Harry gives Keith nothing, which infuriates Keith. Watch this space!

Jasmin in House No.4 is really struggling this week with her furniture and styling choices and has a break down in the car talking to her mother. She just can’t get it right and isn’t happy.

Daniel and Jade in House No.3 could have also potentially finished early and joined Jimmy and Tam for lunch at Scotty’s, but Daniel wasn’t interested.

After a week of drama when it comes to Scotty calling Tool’s Down, all our couples finish and there are some incredible rooms.  It’s judging time.

Harry and Tash House No.1 1920s, spent $33,120:  Their 50 Square metre space was the biggest on The Block. Darren, Shaynna and Neale were all very impressed with Harry and Tash’s efforts.  Darren loved how they positioned the furniture.  Neale thought their efforts were as good as any professional interior designer. A huge level of sophistication.  Darren said the space was incredible and very appealing to the buyer.  The only thing Neale didn’t like was that there was no lamp.  They all loved the spectacular void that caused Harry so many issues during the week.

Score 28.5/30

Sarah and George House No.2 1940s, spent $17,387:  The judges were fan of the fireplace, a huge statement piece. Darren thought the choice of white bricks was a debatable choice. Neale thought it gave it a heritage feeling in the contemporary part of the house. However, he thought the monochrome colour palette of black and white was a bit relenting. He also said again – no lamp.

Shaynna thought the dining room was too small and she just wasn’t feeling the room. No emotional connections. Sarah and George are gutted, they feel they can’t do anything right in the eyes of the judges.

Score 25/30

Daniel and Jade House No.3 1930s, spent $24,685:  The judges loved what Daniel and Jade did with the Novacolor curved wall, a huge statement piece in their living and dining room.  Darren of course, gave it a hug.  They thought the living and dining room space paired perfectly with the kitchen. The dining table was literally heaven. Neale would have liked to see a lamp. Shaynna thought there should have been a rug to sink your toes in. They loved the Christian Cole coffee table. Overall a great effort by Daniel and Jade.

Score 28/30

Luke and Jasmin House No.4, 1910s, spent $18,946:  Darren described the area as “photo shoot ready.”  The rooms have a lovely, luxurious feel about them.  No lamp again which annoyed Neale. The biggest problem the judges had was the placement of the fireplace in the corner. Wrong on so many levels. Very frustrating for Darren in particular.

Score 24.5/30

Jimmy and Tam House No.5, 1950s, spent $20,55: A couple of positives, Jimmy and Tam had both a lamp and ample storage in their living space. But that’s where the positives ended. The judges thought their decision not to have a dining table in a luxury house in Brighton was a huge mistake. Terrible choice they said.   They also hated how Jimmy and Tam used their space – lots of empty space that could have been used.  So, after a great run, it certainly was a disaster for Jimmy and Tam in the eyes of the judges this week.

Score 21.5/30