The Block Launches a Triple Threat

The Block Launches a Triple Threat

Nine has fired the first shot in the battle for ratings supremacy in 2015 by launching The Block two full weeks early before ratings begins.

The show will kick off  with six new teams battling for three places on The Block, while three returning “All Stars” will compete for just one spot in a week of eliminations.

Gold Logie winner and host Scott Cam is back for The Block’s tenth season and will be joined by

will once again be joined by the rest of Block family – his co-host Shelley Craft, judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, ‘The Blockinator’ foreman,Keith Schleiger and his new ‘foreboy’ Dan Reilly.

The six “newbies” will be challenged with producing a bedroom in just 24 hours to survive instant elimination. The remaining five will then have two days to produce a living/dining area before another is eliminated. Then four teams will have three days to produce a bathroom before we are left with the three triumphant teams who will move into The Block. The three successful new couples will then go head-to-head with three seasoned Blockhead teams chosen from past series. But the heat will be on the All Stars, as only one of their teams will survive the first week.

“We are on Darling Street, South Yarra, in inner city Melbourne. The folks here live in one of the most aspirational parts of the city. This Block is a once in a lifetime opportunity and this new batch of contestants will have to work harder than anyone we have ever seen just to make it through. “If they are lucky to make it through all that hard work they will have to lift to the next level to produce apartments for auction. I think we have learnt there is no such thing as easy money on The Block. It’s a competition to produce an apartment where you get to keep anything made over reserve and the team who makes the most over reserve pockets the $100,000 grand prize. That’s The Block. It will never be easy. “Our Triple Threat All Stars have been here before. They know it’s a buyer’s market and what it takes to get to auction day. Our ‘newbies’ will need to go above and beyond to produce apartments that are glamorous, functional, and deliver a little unexpected magic that buyers in South Yarra expect.”Scott says.

The new teams are

Ebony (23) and Luke (28) – Busselton, WA 

Siblings Ebony is an Interior Designer and Luke is a Carpenter

Jess (31) and Ayden (30) – Gold Coast, QLD

Have known each other for 9 years, married 2008 Jess is a Sales Manager and Adyen is Cabinet Maker. They have two children – Daughter Josie (5), Son Thomas (2)

 Josh (25) and Charlotte (25) – Sydney, NSW

Dating for 5 years Josh is a Chippy and Charlotte is a Food Stylist

Tim (40) and Anastasia (38) – Adelaide, SA

Together for 5 years, married for 4 Tim is a General Manager and Anastasia an Operations Manager Tim – Sons, Seth (11) and Ethan (8) Anastasia – Daughter, Taylor (12)

Brooke (21) and Aimee (27) – Melbourne, VIC

Cousins Brooke is a Mum and Aimee is a 000 Call Operator Brooke has a daughter, Lacey (9 months)

Jess (27) and Mark (35) – Sydney, NSW

Engaged, together for 4 years Jess is a Property Developer and Mark a Structural Landscaper

Our returning All Stars are:

Bec (28) and George (30) – Melbourne, VIC 

Together 12 years, married 5 years Bec is a blogger and George is a bricklayer 

Matt (34) and Kim (33) – Perth, WA 

Together 6 years, married 1, friends for 16 Matt is an Architecture Student and Kim is a Primary School Teacher

Deanne (43) and Darren (33) – Melbourne, VIC

Together 11 years, married 9 Darren is a former AFL Footballer/Chippy and Deanne is a mother They have two daughters – Scarlett (8) and Lily (6)

The Block Triple Threat Premieres 7:30 Pm   Tuesday , January  27  On Nine


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