The Block Kitchen Week Kicks off

It’s kitchen and laundry  week on The Block, one of the biggest in the three month build.

Steph and Gian took out the win with their stunning master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe and chose Eliza and Liberty to come with them on a getaway to the Crown hotel. The prize also included a hot lap in a luxury car in Phillip Island. 

Kristy and Brett were outraged at Steph and Gian winning the prize and offered to pay $5000 for it, but they declined. The sniping of Kristy and Leah continued on, as they accused Steph of being strategic for taking the girls on the getaway.

The sniping continued at the Domain Open for Inspections, with Leah and Ash questioning the 10 that judge Marty Fox gave Steph and Gian.

Back to the renovating, our contestants are renovating one of the most important rooms on The Block – it’s kitchen week.  All the Blockheads work hard during the start of the week as the Kinsman kitchens start to take place.

Kristy and Brett have a huge week ahead of them, not only are they building a kitchen, they have the dining space to finish off plus a laundry. All of The Block they have been hampered by having to restump the majority of their down stairs home. 

The Blockheads are giving an important challenge to do. They will renovate the Bayside Community and Information Support Centre (BayCISS) and are split into two teams. 

Kristy and Brett, Leah and Ash and Eliza and LIberty are in one team and they have to renovate the inside of BayCISS.

While Steph and Gian and Kyle and Leslie – with the help of Block landscaper Dave Franklin and his team – will landscape the outside. 

It promises to be a very rewarding challenge.

At the Crown getaway dinner with Scott, he questions Stepha and Gian and Eliza and Liberty about the alliance. Steph admits while she puts on a brave face, she can’t help but feel the heat sometimes from Kristy and Brett and Leah and Ash. 

Scott also gives some frank advice to Eliza and Liberty, he says they have to stop whinging and complain about being “cooked tunas” all the time and take control of their build.

He advises that they get rid of their builder team, and tells the sisters he has found a new team he would like them to meet.  They meet the new builders at a wine bar and are leaning to get rid of their original team.

The alliance continues after “tools down” with Kristy saying in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t care less about Eliza and Liberty, Steph and Gian and Kyle and Leslie. In her words, she isn’t on The Block to make friends.


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