The Block Kitchen Drama Fallout Continues

The dramatic fallout between Kristy and Brett and Eliza and Liberty at Scotty’s HQ is what everyone is talking about on The Block.

Eliza tried to call out Kristy on her behaviour and Kristy was having none of it, sticking to her story that Eliza and her sister Liberty get special treatment on The Block. Both Eliza and Liberty think Kristy and Brett talk disgusting to people on the show including their best mate Steph, and they want to call her out.

Kristy on the other hand thinks Eliza has shown her true colours and believes they have nothing to lose, so why not burn down The Block?

The drama comes as the Blockheads renovate and build their master ensuite bathrooms.

Leah is at the center of it all in what will be a very emotional week for her and her husband Ash on the show. She is starting to become concerned that her friendship with Kristy will have a negative impact on her and Ash’s experience on The Block.  She feels she will be guilty by association.

Eliza and Liberty have had a drama packed week. They got rid of their builders Mark and Dave, and this week welcomed the new team Robbie and Chris.

Scotty and Alice Stolz from Domain announce to the contestants that it’s Domain Listing challenge time. In just a few days our Blockheads not only have to create a Domain listing for the website of their house, but also welcome 100 buyers to check out – and judge – all the rooms they have completed so far. The prize is a Block record of $50,000 dollars.

Eliza and Liberty go away for their Ford getaway with Scott, and brief him on all the drama back at The Block.

Our Blockheads all get ready for the Domain challenge, but the drama between Kristy and Brett and Leah and Ash – and throw in Eliza and Liberty – is on everyone’s lips.

Leah runs into Eliza at a crew BBQ for the first time since Sunday’s drama, and she says to Eliza she wants to have a chat with her about Kristy. She is starting to regret being friends with Kristy and things are about to unravel.


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