The Block kicks off final weeks

It’s the final few weeks of The Block and this week our Blockheads are doing another guest bathroom plus a redo room. 

Kyle and Leslie are really struggling as they had more negative feedback about their planning skills around their two kids rooms from last week. They get support from their fellow Blockheads who loved House No.1’s kids rooms.

Rachel and Ryan from last year’s series of The Block arrive on set and go with Steph and Gian for their Ford Getaway dinner.

Steph opens up on how she felt earlier on in the series after Kristy and Leah gossiped and stirred up trouble behind her back. She admits it hurts, but Rachel and Ryan gave advice to ignore the gossip and focus on their own Block journey.

It’s been a tough week for Steph, she had bad news from home her grandfather fell and later passed away. He had a long and good life and migrated from Greece. The news hits her for six and she feels disconnected because she is away from her family. 

Eliza and Liberty part ways with their landscaper after they didn’t want to be associated with The Block.  The Melbourne sisters only have $40,000 to spend on landscaping and it wasn’t enough for their landscapers and they were worried about their “brand” being damaged. 

Later on Leah and Ash, Kyle and Leslie, Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty hang out in House No.5. 

One couple are missing – Kristy and Brett – they are well and truly on the outside of the group after all the drama in previous weeks. 


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