The Block Houses are Decided

The House Decider scores are in and our contestants get to choose the house in order how they came in the challenge. 

LEAH and Ash choose House No.2.

ELIZA and Liberty choose House No.5.

KYLE and Leslie choose House No.1.

KRISTY and Brett choose House No.3

STEPH and Gian choose House No.5.

Steph can’t believe her luck. Despite completely missing the brief in the House Decider challenge, she got the house she wanted all along – House No.4. As an architect, she thinks that house has the best layout and the post positioning on Charming St.

In some exciting news, Scotty shares a couple of firsts on The Block with the contestants.

This year he will be paying for all the plumbers and electricians. A fan favourite, Tom from Gisborne, is back as The Block’s resident plumber.

He also shows the contestants the full schedule on the famous Block whiteboard, and the five couples all take photos of the schedule. This will allow them to plan ahead.

They all head back to The Block and wake up all refreshed and raring to go. This week they will all build a studio bathroom.

On day one of studio bathroom week the tension between Leah and Steph continues to grow. Steph gets annoyed at Leah for taking so long to move her stuff

Our Blockheads meet two legends of the show for the first time, Foreman Keith and Dan. 

They all start building their rooms, as well as the first shopping trips of the three month build.

Steph is getting overwhelmed quite quickly. In her profession she is used to having time to analyse everything. But on The Block decisions have to be made quickly. Steph and Gian are also struggling with communication early on with their builder.

Design wise, there are lots of curves on The Block already. Both Kyle and Leslie and Leah and Ash attempting impressive curve features on their bathroom roofs.

Day one ends on The Block and our tired couples head to bed, realising the enormous few months ahead.  It’s not going to be easy on Charming St.


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