The Block Guest Bedroom Reveal is Dramatic

The Block Guest Bedroom Reveal is Dramatic

Ankur and Sharon are right in the middle of the drama again on The Block.

As they are $53,000 over budget, Scott Cam has shut down their building site. From now on, all expenses have to be approved and go through him and Jo from Finance. Sharon is devastated. She thinks it’s unfair as they have the biggest house on The Block.

Scott has another confrontation with Sharon in the walkarounds with Shelley. Ankur feels this is a personal attack as he is an accountant. Sharon is in tears, she wants to leave. “What is the f…king point,” she says.

Everyone is talking about what has gone on in House No.3 as Scott and Shelley continue their walkarounds. Best friends Sarah-Jane and Rachel are straight on the phone and have a good gossip about what is going on.

Ankur and Sharon, to their credit, bounce back and manage to finish their guest bedroom and they have done a great job.

Scotty calls ‘tools down’ and it’s off to judging.

Tom and Sarah Jane spent $12,884: The married couple from Melbourne were praised for their beautiful styling in their baby’s nursery. The whole thing was beautifully done. The baby’s clothes in the wardrobe were a stunning touch. A fantastic room overall.

Score 27.5/30

Rachel and Ryan spent $11,948: Shaynna got emotional when seeing the three pieces of artwork that Rachel and Ryan’s three kids did hung up on the wall. Another beautifully-done kids room. Beautiful wallpaper, styling, toys, you name it …. all positive.

Score 28.5/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $16,128: Whimsical, very pretty and lovely. Some positive feedback after a tough few weeks for the married couple from Melbourne. Lovely furniture choices. Shaynna was very pleased with what Ankur and Sharon delivered, but she is concerned the room is too different and doesn’t flow with the other rooms the pair have delivered.

Score 26.5/30

Dylan and Jenny spent $7,546: WOW, WOW, WOW. A stunningly beautiful kids room from top to bottom for Dylan and Jenny. The toy choices, the wall paper, the bed, it was incredible. Great art choices. Dylan and Jenny are peaking at the right time.

Score 29/30

Omar and Oz spent $11,815: The boys made a controversial decision, decided on a second living space and not a fifth bedroom after getting advice from their real estate agent. It didn’t pay off according to the judges. Nothing really worked. It was a mish mash of everything. Neale also was put off by the amount of toy bunnies which he thought was a strange touch.

Score 21/30

In a very close judging there was one winner, Dylan and Jenny took it out. They got a 10 as well, so a good $15,000 pay day for the engaged couple from the Gold Coast.


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