The Block Finishes Upstairs with a tight race to win

Its a big week as the Blockheads race to finish Upstairs.

Everyone is working frantically on The Block to reveal their finished upstairs rooms of the house.  Sarah and George in House No.2 are struggling with money but hope their study, bedroom, landing and a powder room (water closet) will impress. Jimmy and Tam in House No.5 have a remarkable $62,000 in the bank. This week they are revealing a bedroom and a media room. Harry and Tash in House No.1 have an incredible study space with views across Brighton.

Keith comes into House No.3 and tells Daniel their upstairs door finishes are ‘rough as guts’ and Jade isn’t happy.

Drama around the floor upstairs for Luke and Jasmin in House No.4 continues.  They have to pull it up and reglue it. They just make it in time, but it causes major stress. It doesn’t help because Luke procrastinates until it is nearly too late.

Everyone manages to finish their rooms before tools down, some with little sleep. It’s judging time with Darren, Shaynna and Neale at Scotty’s HQ.

Harry and Tash, 1920s, House No.1:  The judges love they have recognised the need for a work from home space upstairs, which has beautiful views of the oak tree. Shaynna loved the artwork in the study area.  The paintwork however across the board wasn’t great again.  In the bedroom they commend Harry and Tash for working with their void – it would have been difficult. Neale thought Harry and Tash’s effort was ‘confident’ as they hit their straps on The Block.  Shaynna thinks they are peaking just at the right time.

Score 28/30

Sarah and George, 1940s, House No.2.:  They haven’t won anything on The Block and Sarah and George are over it.  With 4.8 metre rake ceilings and four spaces – a study, landing, bedroom and powder room, it’s a huge effort to even finish this week.  They all loved the study, or work from home space. Darren loved how it had lots of natural light and felt spacious. The powder room was nice, but they would have like to see a bit more fun with it – some artwork. The landing was great, including the celebrity artwork. The real hero this week however was the perfectly styled kid’s bedroom, that included a tepee. Sarah and George are finally smiling.

Score 28.5/30

Daniel and Jade, 1930s, House No.3:  Shaynna was impressed with the size of their rumpus room/study. However, she thought there was too much going on, too much artwork. Darren thought the fact they had draws in between two chairs was prefect for kids to study. Shaynna didn’t think there was a level of sophistication with the styling. They all thought Daniel and Jade’s third bedroom added immense value to the house. The attic also was a hit, Shaynna in particular loving the extra storage.  Jade says they are doing what they do with their rooms not necessarily for the judges, but for the buyer.

Score 27.5/30

Luke and Jasmin, 1910s, House No.4:  The doors in the landing were a bit rough, as was the painting. Luke and Jasmin ran out of time because of their floor issues. However, the rumpus room was very well received. The white colour palette a huge positive for the judges. It had a very tranquil feel to it, including an amazing comfortable couch. Darren said it felt like a cinema room with the size of the TV.  The bedroom too continued the lovely, beachy coastal feel that Luke and Jasmin have through their whole house The VJ panelling was well received, as was the bedhead.  The only thing once again the execution overall wasn’t up to scratch.

Score 26/30

Jimmy and Tam, 1950s, House No.5:   They loved how the large heavy door tucked away perfectly upstairs. However, Shaynna felt considering Jimmy and Tam have so much money, they could have done more in their media room. The TV was too high for eye level.  In the bedroom, they had better feedback. Neale thought it was a fantastic continuation with their other bedroom across the hallway. So, while a good week for Jimmy and Tam, not a great week.

Score 25.5/30