The Block Finale set for Sunday

The Block Finale set for Sunday

Blockaholics enjoy the last week of The Block for 2015 with the finale being set for Sunday night.

Ten weeks ago, five couples first laid eyes on the 3,540-square metre,1980s office block they were tasked with transforming into five split-level atrium apartments, with underground car parks and 70-square metre lock-up storage units. 

Competing in the auctions are the ten Blockheads who have become household names over the past few months:

APARTMENT 1:        Michael (31) and Carlene (31) from the Gold Coast, QLD

APARTMENT 2:        Chris (24) and Jenna (26) from Campbelltown, NSW

APARTMENT 3:        Maxine (24) and Karstan (26) from Newcastle, NSW

APARTMENT 4:        Shannon (35) and Simon (28) born in TAS, raised in Coffs Harbour, NSW

APARTMENT 5:        Darren (32) and Deanne (42) from Melbourne, VIC

 Each couple has enlisted a real estate agent and is responsible for overseeing the marketing of their property for sale, fully furnished. Everything they have put in throughout the renovation – every appliance, fitting and furnishing – goes to the buyer.

 All couples will be given a reserve price and whatever the apartment sells for above that reserve, they will get to pocket. The couple whose apartment sells for the highest amount above its reserve will be named the winner ofThe Block Glasshouse, and will bank an extra $100,000 in prizemoney.

 The Block Fans v Faves series, broadcast earlier this year, was life-changing for all the contestants. No couple left with less than $500,000 and the winners, Steve and Chantelle, pocketed a staggering $736,000.

6:30 PM Sunday on Nine


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