The Block FANS vs Favorites to Launch Monday Week

The Block FANS vs Favorites to Launch Monday Week

Channel Nine has locked in The Block and it’s expected to go head to head with My Kitchen Rules

this time there’s an extremely difficult twist. In The Block: Fans v Faves, fans of the show – novice renovators – will be pitted against experienced favorites from previous seasons of The Block.

The new fan couples will be up against four returning Blockheads: the reigning champs from The Block Sky High, twins Alisa and Lysandra, along with Brad and Dale, mates from 2012’s South Melbourne version of The Block who have shed their better halves and teamed up.

Four couples representing the TV fans will see if they can go from watching The Block on their couch each night to actually building it. And they will face a monumental challenge, one never attempted before on Australia’s number one home renovation program.

The huge task ahead in The Block: Fans v Faves is to convert the old Dux Theatre in Melbourne’s Albert Park into four three-bedroom, three-bathroom, loft-style apartments.

A vacant shell awaits this year’s Blockheads. The old Dux building has no internal walls, no floors, no roof and no plumbing. Does that mean no hope for the intrepid renovators? Time will tell.

For the first time ever, contestants will be able to plan their apartments from scratch, the shape and size of every room. They are literally the architects of their own destiny.

The first two episodes will each see two of the fan teams with their heads on the chopping block. The four fan teams will be competing for two prized spots onThe Block and a grueling elimination challenge will decide if they get a shot at their dream or head home before it even begins.


Alisa (29) and Lysandra (29), identical twins from Adelaide, SA who WonThe Block Sky High in 2013 and collected a total of $395,000.

Brad (32) from Bishop’s Bridge, NSW, and Dale (32), from Geelong, VIC Brad (with partner Lara) wonThe Block in 2012 and pocketed a massive $606,000. Dale (with wife Sophie) took home $355,000 from The Block in 2012.



Chantelle (31) from Melbourne, VIC, and Steve (35), from Geelong, VIC Dating for two years.

Pascale (25) and Chris (28), from Gold Coast, QLD Married for one year.

Jesse (27) and Kenny (30), from Townsville, QLD Married for one year.

Kyal (27) and Kara (26), from Central Coast, NSW Married for six years.


THE BLOCK: FANS V FAVES begins 7:30pm Monday January 27 on Nine.



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