The Block delivers some epic Master Bedrooms

It was the room reveal which decided if Hayden and Sara would stay  on The Block. So lets debrief.

Tools down is fast approaching, and Courtney and Hans have the largest room to style and paint – it’s the size of a one-bedroom apartment. Dan questions why they are not frantically painting at this point? Norm stayed up most of the night working while Jess slept off a fever. Bianca finds Norm having a nap in the Alimak, after Dan hears of this he visits Norm to tell him to refuel and have a couple of hours rest for his safety. At the Block Shop Courtney is finding it hard to decide between two artworks, a sultry lady andmore abstract palm tree. Despite Shelley suggestion to go with the St Kilda appropriate abstract palm tree, Courtney goes with the lady.

Dan visits Bianca and Carla’s room while they are at the beach and see’s they’re air conditioner vent is covered, hidden behind their timber feature wall. Dan suspects they’re deliberately doing this week after week and in doing so cheating. When Bianca and Carla return, Dan calls them in to discuss the issue. The girls swear they had every intention of displaying it, but Dan is not convinced that’s the case. Saving the day for Courtney and Hans is The Block’s famous Stonemason Ivan, he delivers their make-up station bench top for their walk-in robe. The pair forgot to order one with Kinsman their wardrobe supplier. Spence’s has discovered his newly delivered bedhead is missing some vital components, he was misinformed by the supplier who told him it came with power points, but the bedhead doesn’t. Power tools down has been called for the day, so now he has to use the primitive hand saw to construct something to safely hide the wires and make the bed sit flush with the wall.

On the morning of room reveal, Sara is worried they won’t finish painting in time. Jess discovers her bedside tables are too low for her bed, panic sets in and she races over to close mates Bianca and Carla’s to loan their back up bedsides. In the biggest stroke of luck, they are a perfect fit with her colour scheme. Hans is a broken man after painting his one-bedroom apartment size Master bed and walk in robe.

Scott calls tools down and all the Blockheads arrive at HQ to receive the judges feedback.

Kerrie and Spence. Shaynna loved the grand double door entrance and found the colour scheme to be romantic. Darren loved the velvet and thinks it is one of those cue’s that says luxury. Neale like the colour scheme also but was expecting a little more personality. They thought the artwork needed to be placed on the wall you face upon walking in and didn’t agree with the pendant light choice, they make the room feel clinical like a hospital room.

Score 24/30

Courtney and Hans. All three judges were blown away by the size of the room and think it is gobsmackingly huge! Darren has never seen a hallway in a bedroom before and thinks a dance floor could fit in the middle of the room. Darren and Shaynna loved the colour palette, Shaynna said it was stunning. Darren was also a fan of the lighting scheme of the room. However, Neale didn’t agree, and thought the artwork could possibly be one of the worst his seen on The Block. While many elements of the room are nice, they just don’t go well together. A room of this massive size, should include grandiose items to blow potential buyers away. Based off this room to sell your multi-million-dollar apartment the agent will need to target cashed up buyers at the local retirement village.

Score 22/30

Hayden and Sara. Darren loved the coffered ceiling and the way it covered the curtains. Shaynna was impressed with the restraint that’s been shown with the room. After Hayden and Sara’s meeting earlier in the week, she feared the room would include to many different textures and the ones that have been included work really well, anything more would have been too busy. Of all of the judges today this room has really worked. For Neale what stood out is balance, something up until now Hayden and Sara have struggled with. Placement of the air conditioner vent in this room is the best of all on The Block. Execution on the skirts, architraves and doors needed improvement. Overall, it’s a really nice room.

Score 26.5/30

Norm and Jess. Darren was the biggest fan of Norm and Jess’s room, he loved the door, bed, floorboards, colours and scale and called everything fabulous! Neale didn’t agree and liken the room to a gold class cinema with visual overload, crying out for less is more. Shaynna felt claustrophobic and thought the scale was off, in particular the high level of the bed in such a small room. The room needed to feel elegant and simple, but it was filled with too many distractions.

Score 22.5/30

Bianca and Carla. Neale said upon entry these girls certainly know how to surprise us each week. Darren thinks this week you have delivered a different kind of luscious, with the grey on grey palette and use of textures everything is quite tactile. Shaynna loved, what she is now calling the Bianca and Carla signature bedsides. All three judges loved the artwork that doubles as a television on your wall across from the bed, that has the wow factor. Neale was not sold on the wall lights and felt the room put form over function in particular as the air conditioner vent was not integrated. The judges thought it was a bit arrogant to leave the vent out while others had to wrestle with integrating them

Score 22.5/30

Hayden and Sara win Master bedroom and walk in robe week, taking home a $10,000 cash prize from Volkswagen and decide to stay on The Block