The Block completes the houses with stunning reveals

Hell week has finally concluded but who took out the room win tonight?

Hell Week continues on The Block with our Allstars from last year all chipping in to make sure everyone finishes their numerous rooms.

It’s Saturday morning and Luke is so tired and flat, he thinks House No.4 will struggle to finish.

George and his builder Corey in House No.2 have a bit of a blow up with Dan after an issue with their upstairs flooring and it gets quite heated. Lots of swearing. However, they calm down and eventually resolve the issue.

Jimmy and Tam in House No.5 are installing their game changer chandelier. It looks incredible and so delicate.  In House No.1, Harry and Tash are installing their facial recognition technology, another game changer.

Fast forward and it’s two hours to tools down and everyone is furiously working hard to finish. They all end up delivering their spaces with the help of the Allstars, who leave The Block glad they only had a couple of days of hard work…. unlike last year at The Oslo.

It’s scoring time and everyone is tired, and at Scotty’s HQ.

Harry and Tash 1920s House No.1 spent $48,470:  Harry and Tash have 24 Velux skylights in their house and the judges love it.

Neale is impressed with the restored door. The height of the ceilings made the painting difficult and it showed today, not up to scratch. Darren loved the 1920s chandelier in the hallway. However, Neale was underwhelmed by the whole space. He felt the artwork wasn’t great.  The pendant light up the top of the staircase was generic. Shaynna thought there wasn’t enough storage in the laundry. Neale was expecting a bit more from Harry and Tash today.

Score 25/30

Sarah and George 1940s House No.2 spent $42,645:  When the judges walked through the door they were impressed with the colour, the detailing and the arts. Neale loved the vintage poster. The arched doorway, Sarah and George’s game changer, was stunning. The powder room had a feel of escapism and there was handy storage under the stairs. However, the judges’ felt the rooms didn’t all connect, it was like they were all out of different houses.  They did love the mudroom and the dog in the laundry. However overall, it was the lack of connection with the all the rooms that let Sarah and George down.

Score 25/30

Daniel and Jade 1930s House No.3 spent $35,961: It was all a bit vanilla for Shaynna, which didn’t impress Daniel and Jade. However, Darren loved the simple elegance of the colour palette. Neale was somewhere in the middle. He felt there could have been more artwork in the hallway and it was a bit bland.  Overall Neale was a little frustrated with Daniel and Jade as it was all a bit bland. The size of the laundry however did put a smile on his face.

Score 25/30

Luke and Jasmin 1910s House No.4 spent $44,714:  The judges were impressed with the whole feeling of the hallway. It was the first time today Neale was excited. The coral, the curve, the marble console, he loved it.  Shaynna loved the powder room and the Darren Palmer soap. Darren thought of all the houses, it was the best when it comes to being right for the Brighton market. The storage behind the secret door under the staircase was amazing. The whole space had an emotional connection for Neale.

Score 28.5/30

Jimmy and Tam 1950s House No.5 spent $47,240:  They loved the game changer vintage chandelier – it was hung in the perfect spot.  Neale wasn’t a fan of the console table to the left of the front entrance. The timber panelling and the secret door to the laundry was amazing. Darren thinks Jimmy and Tam have delivered one of the most unique houses in the history of The Block. They loved the powder room under the stairs. However, one oversight, there was a big window looking out on to the street with no privacy. Jimmy and Tam said they will fix it.


Score 29/30 thanks to the bonus point from the Lego challenge